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Apocapedia (Spoilers)

 (As the game goes on more will be added)

PC: You, the player. The PC's gender, background, race, speciality, orientation, basic body features/sizes and personality are chosen by the player in the very beginning of the game. There are also numerous traits that you might pick up as the adventure continues as well. All features listed above are completely malleable through choices made in the game and items taken. Currently; the PC's basic story-line is taking them to a place called the "Silver Sea Kingdom" on the continent of Auvora to start a new life, but there's no guarantee they'll make it. Events of their old life and how the player got to where they are will be told through flashbacks and dreams while they progress onward.

Hannah Picksnap: A female goblin who's had over 14 children! She was once human but decided to be transformed into a goblin after her husband, Rold had been tricked and transformed into one himself. She is a devoted wife, and although tries to control/repress her urges, they sometimes come out of her in bizarre ways at bizarre times. She feels terrible that you (the player) almost died at the hands of the zombie horde, which she was watching from her kitchen window and then promptly apologizes for not directly intervening. She is apparently adept with magic of some form, and fancies herself a witch, but she also claims that she is no where near as powerful as Rold, hence why she couldn't break the wards that protect their tree-home

Rold Picksnap: Powerful wizard, husband, and rival of Harold Brimstaff. Rold was once a normal human who was as described by his wife Hannah as very kind man who often did favors for others out of the goodness of his heart. One day while out picking supplies for a request, he was jumped by several goblins who quickly turned him into a goblin as well. Apparently, all of that had been a trap set up by Harold to humiliate Rold and make him a laughing stock. Afterward, Rold tried to find a way to turn himself back into a human, but do to his new goblin instincts his once sharp mind began to fogDespite this, he is still incredibly intelligent, and likes to use old proverbs to make his points. He also enjoys old castle architecture, and Dwarven caves. Since the transformation, he's been far more interested in science than magic, particularly biology. He's also taken on a darker role of experimenting/dissecting other races in order to figure out how transformations work

Harold Brimstaff: A rival wizard of Rold, who apparently paid to have Rold ambushed and transformed into a goblin while he was out in a forest, so as to humiliate and discredit him. But why is unknown.

Savior(s): What is known by the player is that the disappearance of these (or this) individual(s) has caused mass despair by the world's general population. As a result, many people are leaving their homes and seeking shelter in far off lands and kingdoms, including the player him/herself.


Male: As a male, you have all the benefits of testosterone. Bonus: +3 bonus toward beginning stats, strength and defense.

Female: As a female, you have all the benefits of estrogen. Bonus: +3 bonus towards beginning stats, agility and intelligence.


Strength: Having high strength means that in battle, your attacks will hit harder. High strength = high attack power. Strength will also affect certain obstacles throughout the game like, for example, lifting a boulder to find a hidden passage.

Agility: Having agility will help you dodge enemy attacks and help you succeed in events that are based on reaction times of the character, or outrunning something. High agility = high dodge and reaction time.

Intelligence: Having high intelligence will help you gain critical attacks against enemies and help your character with obstacles dealing with perception. Having high intelligence also determines how other characters treat the PC, and magic usage during spells. High intelligence = crits attacks, perception, npc reactions.

Defense: Having high defense means the PC is much tougher, which results in a certain amount of damage reduction during battles, as well as taking events head on during the game, for example, falling long distances without getting hurt too badly. High defense = damage reduction.

Corruption: Having high corruption on the other hand isn't a good thing. The higher your corruption, the more evil your character will begin acting. If your corruption reaches 100% the game will end. Certain characters and situations will change based on corruption levels; sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. Corruption can be raised or lowered based on choices in the game, like for example choosing to rob somebody or not.


Speciality traits are just fun little bonus' traits for your character. Some previous choices may be overwritten by the speciality chosen, so choose carefully! Here is a description of the specialities below. Some of them are even subject to change in-game when certain parameters are met.

Bimbo: Deep down, you've always known it. You've even heard whispers behind your back. You've got the body, the curves, the platinum blonde hair and have very little schooling...You're basically a bimbo. But, what you like lack in intelligence, you make up for in sheer determination and seduction. Benefits: Your intelligence has a -5 detriment and you start with +5 maximum health. You also start with DD breasts, platinum blonde hair, child-bearing hips and a heart-shaped butt. You're also prone to unintelligible ways of speaking. **Warning- This speciality overrides a few previous choices in the character creator.** This speciality isn't available for males. Male Equivalent Listed Below.

Brood Mother: You've already had children and your hips are testament to this fact. You're a natural born mother meaning that child-birth to you is like riding a bike and dealing with children afterward is practically second nature. You've always had an affinity towards children as well, so get out there and start making some more babies, the world will need them! Benefits: Start with very wide child-bearing hips, a bootylicious butt and a history of having birthed one, two or three children. You also have a shorter gestation time during pregnancy. **Warning: The pregnancy aspect of this speciality is not fully programmed into the game yet!** This speciality isn't available to males.

Fashionable: You have a keen eye for fashion. Whether its collecting clothing, finding extra clothing or simply knowing how to wear what you've got, you're an expert and flaunt it whenever possible. Benefits: Start your adventure with several different outfits/clothing (based around your gender). You also have a chance to sometimes find alternate versions of clothing, double items of clothing and even double benefits that clothing gives (including personality points). Just watch your bag space! It'll fill up fast!

Badass Tank: You're damn tough! You've always had a high tolerance for pain, and you've taken hits like the best of them. Some people are amazed you're still in one piece after some of the dares you've survived, but most of the time its no big deal for you. Whatever the case, nothing gets through you easily. Benefits: Start with an extra +5 boost towards Defence. During events, you also gain back a tiny bit more health that you might have lost otherwise.

Warrior at Heart: You're a warrior at heart. You love fighting, training, practicing --- and it has served you well for most of your life. You used to be in good shape too, but after the Savior disappeared, well...things have gone downhill. Despite this, you still love challenges and generally aren't afraid to take anything reasonable circumstances. Benefits: Start with a +5 boost towards Strength. Strength allows you to overcome certain obstacles and you hit enemies much harder.

Stripper-esque: Okay, so you aren't a stripper, but you could be given how limber and agile you are --- you've always been that way actually ever since you were a kid. In the past, you used your extra stretchy tendons and muscles to show off, make money and have a few laughs. Benefits: Start with a +5 boost towards Agility. You become harder to hit in battles. Agility based events are easier to pass with higher agility

Pack Rat: You're a pack-rat. Like a certain klepto mermaid, you have to collect everything you see. Your pack is already full of do-dads and gadgets aplenty, you've got ample thingamajigs and whatsis galore...Need potions? Or trinkets? You've got twenty-five! Well, you used to. Right now you're a little low on supplies but you still have way more than you probably need. Benefits: Start with Small Health Potion(s), a random transformation potion, a random hairdye, some body modification potions and an extra good-sized bag! You might also have a couple of other useful (or unuseful) things to aid you in your journey as well! What fun!

Big Saver: You like money. Always have. Always will. You hate spending frivolously too and because of this, you have amassed a decent amount of gold from wherever you could find it. You also seem to have the ability to find loose change in the oddest of places. Maybe you have a bit of a Midas Complex going on as well but that's between you and a therapist. Benefits: Start with 30 gold. You also have a chance at extra gold as well, or even double the gold when you locate some!

None: You aren't particularly good at anything and are overall just really average when it comes to a lot of different activities. You aren't a bimbo, or a big saver, you aren't really a warrior, you're definitely not a tank, you hate collecting things and know nothing of fashion. You also don't have the agility, or limberness of a stripper and you hate pain. So basically, you are just a big middle finger to the whole speciality list. This is akin to an 'Iron Man' mode. No special traits.

Male Model: You're a male, really, really ridiculously handsome and strong to boot but unfortunately you're as dumb as a rock. You've been told you're entire life that you're the quint-essential male beauty, so you focused on your looks instead of education. You've got long, beautiful hair, a strong jawline, strength in spades, but you're also quite the sissy. You basically use seduction and your female fan-base to get what you want. Benefits: You intelligence has a -4 detriment, your defense has a -3 detriment and +5 strength benefit. You also start with long black hair, a bubble butt and average hips. You're also prone to unintelligible speaking. **Warning- This speciality overrides a few previous choices in the character creator.** This speciality isn't available for females. Female Equivalent Above.


Outlooks are malleable, but right now you can pick what dominant Outlook/Personality you'd like at the start of the game. Keep in mind though, the clothing that you wear and the decisions you make can slowly push you into a different outlook/personality. Outlooks/Personalities will change the text/description/presentation of the game and the content that generally appears.

So what kind of person are you at the start of your adventure?

Sexy: You have a natural allure and flirtation to your voice, whether it's being a sultry female or a husky male. Everything to you seems sexualized in nature and everything feels like temptation. **Warning: This personality puts a sexual undertone on much of the game's content including; sex/innuendo/lust systems/pregnancy and flavor text. It's NSFW and not suitable for those under 18.**
Sympathy: You're sympathic and have an natural empathy in your tone, you're generally soft-spoken as well and usually come across as really cute. You tend to speak with little confidence as well but with definite sincerity. **Warning: This personality will eliminate sexual situations and violent content completely. It's SFW and suitable for all ages.**
Sarcasm: You're naturally sarcastic and witty, especially in matters of irony. You tend to speak with confidence and little sincerity and tend to be a little self-centered as well. This personality mixes sexual undertone/innuendo with adult language. **Warning: This personality will have a normal distribution of sex/adult language/lust systems/pregnancy and flavor text. It's NSFW and not suitable for those under 18.**
Serious: You're very serious and understanding and when you speak you have a certain calmness and straightforwardness about you. You're also very cautious and like to plan before taking action. **Warning: This personality will reflect a serious/classic adventure story. There will be the usual fantasy violence and no sexual content or adult language. It's SFW and suitable for most ages.


Farmer: As a Farmer, you've spent most of your days out in the sun, and patiently tending to crops and a few small animals too. You have a certain affinity for the outdoors as well, and generally like being outside. All races need Farmers because they are experts of the land and know pretty much everything about harvesting and storing food. +5 Maximum Health.

Instructor: Whether it be in teaching general Common Tongue, the basics of Religion, the maps of Geography or simple mathematics, you were the go to person in your town. You have the gift of fast learning, and communication, especially when explaining things to youngsters. +5 Intelligence.

Tavern Bouncer: Every race has tavern's and places where the warriors and guards go to relax, and where they are fighters, and alcohol there are brawls (even elves fight!). That's where you come in. Your job was to handle the ruffians and keep order and peace in the midst of chaos. +5 Defense.

Thief: You were quite swift; not generally the best thief, but you weren't the worst either. Most days, you found yourself out in the crowds stealing petty change, and practically made your living out on the streets with pick-pocketing (and in some cases running your ass off from the authorities). +5 Agility.

Guardsman: You were a lowly guardsman but you were honest, honorable and always keeping ports and borders safe from harm. Sure you had a lot of shit jobs like guarding wealthy diplomats but occassionally you got to see some action. +5 Strength.

Explorer: You loved exploring and the outdoors in general and have a knack for finding your way around in the in the deepest of wooded areas. Matter of fact, you were often out in the middle of nowhere making maps, and being paid as an escort through the unknown. +2 Agility, +3 Maximum Health.

Blacksmith Assistant: You were a blacksmith's assistant. Not a particularly productive one, but you worked hard and paid attention now and then, but unfortunately none of those skills followed you out of the business. Fortunately, some of your work did manage to toughen you up, especially since you were spending most of your days around molten steel. +3 Strength, +2 Defense.

Hunter: You hunted professionally, mostly small game or troublemaking animals, but people often hired you to go and find food for them, or sometimes even to hunt down vicious monsters. You were part of a team naturally, but you definitely contributed. +3 Intelligence, +2 Strength.

Withered Snag: Hannah and Rold's home, it also serves as the game's "Tutorial Area". Its hidden at the edge of Oufina Fields and the borders of The Whispering Thicket, which is surrounded by the Rolling Hills. The area is notorious for being the breeding ground of a large horde of zombies who've felled many travelers/caravaners as well. The house appears to look exactly like an old, ancient tree on the outside, but on the inside, it is much, much larger and full of very expensive items that Hannah and Rold have collected over a number of years. The home is even larger than the player realizes too as Hannah explains that Rold often banishes unused rooms that once belonged to their children so Hannah doesn't have such a gigantic space to keep clean all the time. 

Parado-Lyontis: A mechanical city and likely the most technologically advanced place on the Planet. It is supervised by President Triston Cleito and is home to the world famous ‘Paratis Academy’ where many of the world’s greatest wizards and warriors hail. Normally, the Graduates of the Academy are sent to different areas around the world to settle various conflicts, but most notably, the brightest and strongest are sent straight to ‘the Wall’ to combat the spreading threat of the Void. Unfortunately, the reputation of the city has an ugly underside as the scientists of Parado are said to be running unethical experiments, as well as dealing with kidnapping and assassinations. Aside from Wayward, Parado is the Void’s second greatest resistance. 

Paratis Academy: Placeholder.

Oufina Fields: A destination the player comes from before the beginning of the game opens. Not much else is known about it at this time.

The Wall: Placeholder.

Cremona: Placeholder.

Wayward: Placeholder.

Silver Sea Kingdom: One of three kingdoms powerful enough to withstand the Void on the Auvora continent. It is located at the western edge of the Great Sea and is famously known as a port town with a powerful Navy. Recently, it has become one of the last vestiges of freedom and peace and is the destination for many immigrants seeking refuge from the Void’s growing influence, unfortunately it is a long, harsh journey to the west, which the player will soon realize.

Whispering Thicket: Placeholder.

Great Sea: A vast ocean.  


Wizard: Thought by the player (at first) to be pretty much extinct, but Hannah reassures you that there are at least two famous wizards left in the world; Rold and Harold. Perhaps their are more as well.

Wizard Types

Spell Seeds
: Lowest form of magic. Gives somebody, who otherwise is incapable of using magic, the ability to use it. Seeds are inserted into a body part and then activated by connecting one’s life-force to the Planet. The longer a seed is kept inside a body the stronger it grows and the more times it can be used. They do not replenish however, and if used to the brink will die and fall out of the user.
Seed Types: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Shadow, Holy, and Unknown.

Consecutionist (Wizard): An advanced training in magic, which is divided into 3 tiers. 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class. The lower the class the more experienced the pupil is. Generally, everyone starts in Apprentice; learning the ins and outs of magic and the hidden forces that drive the world beyond the surface. They also begin learning how to communicate with the Planet so that they can connect to it. After they have gained that knowledge, they are put into the first ranking, 3rd Class.

3rd Class: 3rd Class Wizards have moderate to low experience with using magic, but can do so. They lack the knowledge of a true connection with the Planet, making some of their spells fairly weak. They, however begin to get experience with the raw forms of elemental magic; earth, fire, water, wind, and holy --- to see which element they connect best with. Once this element is discovered, the user than begins extensively training in that one particular type of spell, with a minor second to practice with.

2nd Class: Once the first element has been mastered, students will begin their 2nd Class training. They have learned how to make a strong connection to the Planet, and seek now to learn more about their specialty element that they had chosen in their 3rd Class training. The secondary element they have chosen also gets more intensively worked on. It is at this point that the Wizard can choose a 1st Class Wizard to learn from and therefore become a Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

1st Class: A Consecution Wizard can only become 1st Classes when they have successfully mastered both their primary and secondary elements. It is then that the Wizard can choose a third and fourth element to master. But, if they show particular promise they can become either; a Conjurer, a Summoner, or an Incantation Wizard. Usually, one of these fields requires years and years of study, and if mastered, they can devote themselves to more elements and a secondary specialty (like Conjurer and Summoner, or Summoner and Incantation, for example). If the Wizard does not show promise of advancement, or simply lack the power, or concentration, they will not be asked to move into a speciality, but instead choose to become a Master Consecutionist. If they become a Master Consecutionist, they can take on a 2nd Class Wizard.

Wizard Speciality Types

Conjurer: A Consecutionist Master who has Mastered at least four major arcana elements can choose to Master the remaining two elements in any order that they choose, OR they can choose to focus on one major element of arcana to completely Master. The difference is learning all six elements will make them a powerfully well-rounded, and very diverse consecutionist that can be used for most situations on the battle-field, or off, but Mastering one element will give them supremacy over that element wholly. They would be able to over-power a well-rounded specialist, especially on the particular element they have mastered. Conjurers are arguably the fastest, and most powerful spell users on the Planet, and with these abilities they can unleash devastation on the battlefield.

Summoner: Once a consecutionist has mastered at least four types of the major arcana, they can further their training by learning how to summon elemental beasts --- or beasts with an elemental attribute. Once the first creature has been summoned, the rank of the consecutionist changes to Summoner. A summoner, once fully experienced, can summon creatures of variable size and strength, although this takes a tremendous amount of power and concentration. The smaller the beast summoned, the less power it essentially has, and the less damage it can withstand. If they are a powerful enough summoner however, they can use their creations for various uses like transportation, combat, or protection. The most powerful summoned beast is normally on par with a single spell mastered Conjurer.
Incantation: An Incantation Consecutionist is arguably the strongest of the three specialities, although this is only because it takes a tremendous amount of concentration, knowledge and patience to master. There are actually so few Incantation Specialists that becoming one is a note-worthy accomplishment, and those that show the potential are usually moved to the battlefield against the Void. They have a wide-variety of spells ranging from teleportation, to elemental, to moving beyond the physical planes of existence. They are even rumored to be able to converse with Death herself. Incantation Specialists normally have to delve deeper into their connection with the Planet, and be able to memorize incredibly long spells and rituals, as well as the Gods and Planes Access that they are chanting from/for.
Witch: Hannah Picksnap claims to be a somewhat experienced witch, but her magical limits or specialty is unknown at the moment. All that is known for sure is that she isn't as powerful as Rold, and cannot break the ward on her home by herself. 

-Known Races- 

Human: Humans have always been strong and intelligent. They use their raw strength to see them through tough times and challenges where others would give up, and they use their intelligence to build fantastic machines, and tools. They also construct glorious cities in their wake and fantastic civilizations. Unfortunately, humans are also very emotional creatures, sometimes too quick and eager to judge, and they have the shortest life-span of all the races. +2 Boost of Strength and Intelligence, and a +7 Boost to Maximum Health.
Elven: Elves have always been agile and cunning. They use their agility to out-maneuver foes on the battle-field, and gain incredible insight due to the extreme longevity they endure. They are also known to negotiate and provide council in the darkest times to any race that is willing to hear their advice. Despite this, they are a mostly isolated people, who are both stubborn, slow to change, and do not waste time with dreams and personal ambitions. +2 Boost of Agility and Intelligence, and a +7 Boost of Maximum Health.
Dwarven: Dwarves are, without a doubt, one of the strongest races out there in terms of raw physical strength. They also have tough, stone-like bodies that help them fend off vicious attacks from foes, and typically have a powerful sense of bravery and honor. Their shortcomings are seclusion, laziness, and lack of refinery (which doesn't get them invited to a lot of dinners and meetings outside their own race). +4 Boost of Strength and Defense.
Dragon-Descended: Nobody is quite sure when this race came to be but it's usually a very old story about a Dragon, a Human (or sometimes even an elf) and a lesson about the birds and the bees. The rest is history. This race is incredibly rare and thus usually stands out when in crowds. Typically, they have lithe, agile bodies, and scales across small, but numerous sections of their fleshy forms, giving them great defense against attacks. Unfortunately because of this, they tend to lack stamina, and reason when angered, and they also have trouble adapting and learning new abilities. +4 Boost of Agility and Defense. 
Halfling: Halflings have earned the nickname "Tiny Humans" because they look remarkably similar to Human offspring, aka children, even when they are full grown adults. However, a Halfling's agility is legendary, and can almost compare to Elves on the battlefield. They are also quite noble and tend to stick together, especially in times of crisis. The downside to these creatures is that they often lack military skill, ambition, and lack true physical strength in most respects. +8 Boost of Agility.
Orc-Descended: Typically, those who are of Orc Descent are often very physically strong, but they lack the full-blooded strength of a normal Orc. This pits them above normal Humans, and some Dwarves but exceptions are known to occur. Because of this life-long comparison, those Orc Descent lean towards competition where they can prove their prowess. An old saying goes, “You are much more likely to overpower a locomotive, than an angered Orc-Descendent.” This is because they are proud above all else and seek to prove themselves. Unfortunately, their strength is also their greatest weakness; they are touchy, extremely prideful and quick to anger, and can come across as arrogant, hot-heads as well. +8 Boost of Strength.
Gnome: Gnomes have come to earn the nickname "Halfling Children" because even as full grown adults, they are usually no taller than a Halfling child! But their heights have been known to drastically fluctuate at times depending on the spouse they’ve taken. Gnomes are by far the smartest creatures among all the known races and have built technological wonders that amaze even Humans and Elves. Unfortunately, physical combat and military strategy often cause them to be the laughing stock on the battlefield....that is, until a grenade they made on the spot lands by their opponent's feet...+8 Boost of Intelligence.

Goblin: Currently not a starting race. Goblins are short, and have extremely varied intelligence ranging from simple-minded to gifted scholars. They also live in very large tribes all over the Planet, and are usually sexually aggressive towards pretty much anything that moves. They are known for their short gestation times (normally 3 months or less) where they can produce anywhere from 20 to 50 children in one life-time, they are known for their sharp, punkish attitudes, quick to anger tempers, and their incredible trapping skills. Goblins also have many enemies that are quick to try and overpower them with sheer size, but where the Goblin lacks in size and physical strength, they make up for with potions, and swarms.

The Void: Many argue the validity of the Void being a 'sentient' creature...or something with 'physical' mass at all. The Void according to Rold is also the source for many of the worlds wars and problems, but it is not responsible for bringing about the transformations from once race to another. Since the disappearance of the Savior(s) many refuges are fleeing west to avoid the Void's vast influence. A puzzle box in the game will elude to the Void's possible origins, or desires in these riddles: "Only the distant stars know the truth about the darkness...", "The darkness drifted for centuries; writhing and hating... --- fighting.", "The Void was created by peace...", "There are Gods screaming inside.", "It will change you from the inside out; it will reveal yourself...and you will scream.", "There are places among the stars where no light can reach...", "The Muse created the darkness.", "You call them monsters; but they are your brethren.", "There is nothing the darkness cannot find, no where it cannot go; there is no escape.", "You cannot fight the can only die. You will die.", "Hang onto yourself when you are in the darkness.", "The darkness will envelop you, eventually.", "There is no escape. The Void is coming.", "Your memories are precious...and delicious.", "It can hear your thoughts --- and it wants them for itself.", "The darkness has many thoughts, all are one.", "It spreads and spreads...the hunger is never satisfied.", "Your world is being devoured...", "All will become one.":"The darkness is a visitor, but your world welcomes it." 

Muse: Gods from another world who watch over the Planet. It might be implied that the Muse has something to do with the creation of the Void. 

Dark Elf: Placeholder.

Centaur: Placeholder.

Succubus: Placeholder.

Incubus: Placeholder.

Alaraune: Placeholder.

Demon: Placeholder.


Minotaur: Placeholder




Naga: Placeholder.

Neko: Placeholder.

Dragon: Placeholder.


Wolf-Taur: Placeholder

Doll: Placeholder 

Health Items: Placeholder.
Water Items: Placeholder.
Bag Items: Placeholder.
Body Modification Items: Placeholder.
Transformation Items: Placeholder.

Lights Items: Placeholder.
Blanket Items:Placeholder.
Equipment Items: Placeholder. 
Weapon Items: Placeholder.

Horny System: Placeholder.

Lust System: Placeholder.

Pregnancy System: Placeholder.

Secondary Pregnancy System: Placeholder.

Combat System: Placeholder.

Cursed Clothing System: Placeholder.

Corruption System: Placeholder. 


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  3. Never heard of it! BUT, these orcs are probably different, and the "Orc-Descented" character that you pick is pretty much human except for some small things like pointed ears and whatnot. The race just pretty much determines your max health, and other stats...and later on some events will be geared towards certain "race" characters :) So everyone can have some tastes of what those choices mean.

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      If you have anymore questions feel free to ask :)

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