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Jul 21, 2017

New Patron; Ryan the Rowdy! + Progress Report

Hey all!

I'd like to introduce a brand-new patron; Ryan! I also have to apologize to him for being a little late with his welcome message and personalized email. I was pretty swamped yesterday and exhausted so I never got around to checking my email until this morning. So Ryan, I am sorry you were neglected! Hopefully, this message and the personalized email will make up for it though. Pretty please? ^_^; With that said though, welcome to our Apoca-Community! I'm very happy to see so many new faces sharing an interest in this project and helping to contribute their ideas to make it the best damn text adventure it can be. I know we have a long way to go but honestly I'm still pretty psyched about making/writing it. So let's keep up the great work! Anyway, Ryan look for the email in a few minutes, I just have to type it out and send it. And again, welcome!

So! Onto the progress report. I'm just going to summarize a couple of things here since I'm in the middle of a million different aspects of the game, hahah. I'm also not going to list what Bugs or Typos I've fixed either as it isn't really relevant until the Patron Beta and Public releases. There are some things I've yet to address simply because they require more attention than I can give at the moment. All good things in due time!

Skype to Discord:
Just as a note via poll, we're in the middle of transitioning from Skype to Discord, so if you have an invite please make sure you switch on over because come August 20th, Skype will be completely phased out. If you need an invite or missed the first one, just let me know and I'll be happy to share it. ^_^ ((I just learned yesterday night I could make the links so that they never expire. Bare with me still learning Discord!)). I've also set up various channels to help you guys feel more at home: Bug Reports, Introductions (that newcomers can check out), A Voice Chat (for those who wish to use it), Questions/Concerns/Grievances and the general discussion channel Apoca-Talk. ^_^

Bonus Health for Gendered Clothing + Other Beginning Changes:
As you know, the vast majority of you voted in the polls that you would like to have some bonus' stats for wearing clothing specified for your gender (as the clothing would fit better). I've heard your call! Now individual pieces of clothing if they are capable of providing a bonus will have a small message below the stats indicating so. The bonus isn't MUCH and not all clothing will have it, only those specified for males or females, and ONLY major clothing categories: head, hands, feet, torso, legs, pelvis. The bonus stat is +1 Maximum Health. That might give an extra +1 - +6 extra maximum health at any given time.

I also made some other changes in the beginning to ensure better player survival especially in the tutorial area. Hopefully with the new character creator coming out soon too, the game will find a better balance for all players.

1) You will now ALWAYS start with a weapon of some kind. You have a 25% chance to get the Rickety Machete, 25% chance to get the Beating Stick, a 25% chance to get the Frying Pan and if none of those proc, you’ll receive the Scissors.

2) On the Lantern Scripts you now have a chance to find some extra loot even if you happen not to get ANY Lantern or Oil.

3) On both Male and Female Under Garment Scripts you have a chance to land more clothing, and if nothing procs (like no underwear whatsoever) you have a double chance to get some extra articles of clothing. ((Until Male’s get more options for Under Garments, there chance of receiving the Plain Boxers has been raised to 50% up from 40%. They also have a double chance to get extra clothing in either case)).

4) On the Male and Female Shoe Garment Scripts you have a chance to land extra clothing, and double the chance if you don’t happen to get any shoes whatsoever.

5) On Male and Female Torso Garments you have a chance to land extra clothing for every single category. I also boosted the drop chances to 14% up from 10%.  ((Male Torso Garments to give them a better and more even chance are now 20% per article, down from 25%.))

6) On Male and Female Leg Garments you have a chance to land extra clothing for every single category. ((Male Clothing percentages are now 35% up from 25%)).

7) Fashionable Specialities will now get 5 chances of extra randomized clothing upon starting instead of predetermined clothing.

8) Big Savers now have a better chance at receiving a different Hair-Dye upon start and they will receiving Leather Scrap and Metal Scrap as well.

That's it SO far. We'll see how this goes after testing and I will make more changes if necessary, but this is definitely a good start I think.

New Clothing Loot Function + PVM Update:
Because of all the new clothing I created in the last hotfix (50+ so far) I finally had enough to warrant a new Clothing Function. This means that in addition to the normal loot, some enemies will now have a chance to drop a randomized piece of clothing (including piercings)---and in addition to this, some of the rooms that had fixed clothing drops (like with Pillage/Search) will now have a chance to drop a randomized piece of clothing instead which should help mix up play-throughs even more. Keep in mind though, clothing will not drop in places where it wouldn't make sense like hallway searches in the Withered Snag and from enemies that aren't wearing clothing, like the Pale Abomination.

I'm still in the middle of remastering Torso, Torso Outer, Lower Body, and Pelvis items. Remember if the descriptions don't say "You can see" then they haven't been remastered yet. ^_^

*On a side-note too, all "jean" material clothing have been changed to cotton to sync more with the time period. In the game's world there is jean material, but honestly, you'd only find that sort of thing in Parado-Lyontis ((check the map)) which is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire world.

Hyhot Steppes:
The Hyhot Steppes' general description, ambient effects, first time arrival and exits are completely set-up---that means the five new rooms in the Whispering Thicket are ready for the game's first 20 major events. As a reminder, you'll only see 1 event per room, per play-through. So in any given play-through if you visit all 5 rooms, you'll only see 5 random events out of the 20. The planned events are listed below, although now that I have the room's descriptions finished some of these events might change a bit.

West Byway
1. Reverse Side; Succubus-Futa Caves (sounds) (morning-night)
2. Old Hag Fortune-Teller (warning) (morning-evening)
3. Group of Travelers (morning-night) (if night; camping)
4. Fairy Event (morning-night)

Whispering Wood 3
1. Shadow In The Trees Watching (morning-evening, sounds at night) Male Elven/Human Investigation .
2. Abandoned Shelter or Cabin (morning-night)
3. Alaraune Trap Encounter (slow TF) (morning-night)
4. Bee-Taur Encounter (morning-night)

Vaughan Pass
1. Robbery Trap-Possible Sex (evening-night)
2. Guard Check-Point (morning-night)
3. Religious Protest; Assimilants (1) (morning-evening)
4. Lost Goo/Slime (girl or boy) (morning-night)

Old Canopy Road
1. Bartering Caravan (morning-evening)
2. Bimbo/Gimbo Trap--- (morning-night)
3. Drider Web; Dead Body (morning-night)
4. Goblin Raid Party (evening-night)

Hyhot Steppes
1. Rockslide Clean-Up/Guard Encounter (morning-evening) (if night; one guard).
2. Fruit Climb Event (morning-evening) (night too dangerous)
3. Goblin Merchant (morning-evening)
4. Beautiful Rock Event (evening)

If you guys have any questions about these so far, lemme know! I'll be happy to talk with you about them.

Masturbation Scripts:
So I'm doing something interesting for the Masturbation scripts. I haven't actually started on the actual masturbation itself, but so far I'm writing the scripts leading up to it. There are five variations with tons of different randomizations within (so it doesn't get old re-reading the same things). I'm also taking in to account gender naturally, what clothing you are wearing on your legs, race, how high your lust is, whether you're horny or not, and what your status condition is.

I've set it up so that if you are Sick or Poisoned you'll lose any and all Lust and your Horny Status cause realistically who wants sex when they feel like they are about to puke! xD On the other hand however, if you are Cold but Healthy, you have a 50% chance to actually Masturbate---otherwise you just kind of touch yourself a little and raise your Lust. If you have the Shocked Status you'll have a 25% chance to Masturbate---otherwise you'll be too focused on your recent transformation and will just play a little to raise your Lust. If you have neither of those Status Conditions and are Healthy, that's where all the variations will come into play. You won't actually cum though unless your Lust is 10. If your Lust is below 10, you'll be given a menu of choices, each of which will have a chance of raising your Lust. Hopefully it'll work out great! Being Horny will also make you come harder too.

After I finish these Entice will be next and might follow in the same vein as Masturbation but with actual sex instead. Hurrah!

COMING UP: Entice, Mirror Remaster, Rold, Aaleahya and Laboratory Remaster, More Clothing Remaster, Item Remaster, Character Creator Revamp. Not in any particular order.

That's it for now! ^_^ Remember if you guys have any questions at all about any of these feel free to ask all the questions you like, I'll be happy to answer them.


Jul 17, 2017

Poll Results!

Because of the massive landslide victory of the poll results I'm ending them all a few days early and getting to work on implementing the changes that the polls bring. I also really, really, appreciate how active you guys were during this and for taking the time to vote. I enjoyed the comments some of you left too, they were incredibly insightful and helpful. ^_^ Keep up the great work!
The results: 
 Masturbation Poll; everyone really seemed to like the combination choice between the new and old format. Plus, I really liked John Doe's idea about not giving choices when your lust is at 10. 
Skype vs Discord; everyone seemed to greatly prefer Discord, so I'll be setting that up soon and giving everyone a month or so to transition over before I stop using Skype completely. 
Gender Bonus' for Clothing; I was a bit surprised by this but everyone really liked the idea of giving gender bonus' a small stat boost for wearing clothing appropriate to their gender so...I'll be implementing that soon. Keep in mind though that the stat boost won't be super noticable. I was thinking of just increasing max health and only on clothing items made specfically for one gender in the following categories: head, hand, feet, torso, pelvis, legs. 
So next thing coming up is a progress report, which will likely be out soonish! Keep an eye out!