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Jan 21, 2018

Sunday Streams + News

Hey guys!
Just wanted to say hey and that I hope your weekends went well. I also needed to upload both of today's streams. This time I worked on a new function which was created to boost relationship points as mentioned in the Help Guide under CharmSkill so that's officially in the game and fully completed now. All of the parts where you can lose or gain relationship points are up-to-date with it. I also gave the long term transformation items aka Cursed Items (Cursed Butler Uniform, Cursed Satin Maid Outfit, Ornate Necklace) Resist variables which will fire about 3% of the time for every turn meaning you'll get about 4-15 turns before a Resist Point is taken away. Once you have zero the transformation sequences will begin. I thought this would help give players more time to find Decurser items and a longer chance to Resist long sequences transformations :D Let me know what you think about those when it comes time. 
In other news the Save/Load System/Connecting Libraries have received MAJOR overhauls (thanks K.V) and basically work 100% now with no noticeable errors. I have tested it pretty thoroughly along with K.V and we couldn't find any errors. We are still messing around with it a lot though and trying out different things including actual file extensions that the game makes itself when you save ....and then you would use that file extension to load kinda of like how Twine and RAGS work when you save. I'll let you guys know what we ultimately decide to go with as I want to keep it simple and effective. ^_^
Other than that! Work continues! Let me know if you guys have any questions. 
You can find the streams HERE

Jan 20, 2018

New Patrons; Arkthema the Audacious, Jacob the Just, Mackenzie the Martyr

I'd also like to introduce a few new patrons that have jumped into our cauldron of love (and doom)! ^__^ Please give a warm welcome to Arkthema, Jacob and Mackenzie. Let me be the first to say thank you all so much for contributing toward this project, I really appreciate it. But more importantly, thank you for having an interest in the game and giving it an extra pair of eyes. I always say that you're attention and suggestions are the backbone of this game, now what I mean by that is the more eyes that are on it, the better I can catch errors, make corrections and add content that we'd all like to see. In addition to this, you get to become a part of a great community of like minded individuals, most of whom I really enjoy talking to. It really gives a dev fuel to work when they know they have people backing them up. So as I mentioned I'm extremely grateful for each and every one of you. Don't forget the rewards are progressive in my game too meaning monthly contributions stack for a grand total; for example, $3 a month, $6 dollars for month 2 etc. So it's your responsibility to keep track of that. If you're ever curious about what you've earned thus far, just lemme know! Also, I should be sending out your personalized thank you emails here soon enough! I just have to type them out. That's all I got, thank you again for your contributions, my family and I appreciate your support!