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Jan 16, 2017

Patreon Poll

I have a poll set up on Patreon and I would love some user feedback. If you have a second, pop over to the link below and let me know what you think :)

It's about Gender-Locked Clothing.

Thank you for your participation and feedback, I might have some more polls in the future as well as I like hearing what people think.

Jan 15, 2017

Patron Beta Update: New Player Condition "Shocked"/Changed Status Conditions, Resist + Max Carry Now Customizable, Entice Attack Verb, Weather System/Time of Day/Inside and Outside Variables, Bug Fixes, Modified Quest Rewards, More Cow-Taur

Hey all! It's the first Patron Beta!

I'm very excited to see what you guys have to say about all the changes and all the additions to the game! Let's find all the bugs that we can so that the next public release is relatively error-free :D As usual, if you all have any questions/concerns about anything at all, please let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Also, a new semester is beginning soon, 17JAN17 --- which is a giant pain in my ass, but luckily this should be my last year of classes if all goes well. During the semester, work on the game shouldn't slow down TOO much as we've reached the first of the Patron goals, which means I won't be tutoring this semester. Instead, I will be focusing all that time on the game so that it will continue growing larger and larger (and sexier!) :)

As far as the Equipment Viewer goes, I'm still working on how to implement it, but now that I have a general idea how I would like it to go, it should speed up the process significantly. Good news as well is that the eventual Character Viewer should smoothly transition right into the equipment viewer --- so you'll be able to see your character and the clothes they are wearing. We just have to reach the goals so I can afford the equipment to make it easier.

I will also be working on some Male portraits, like Rold, for example in the upcoming months. I would like to add more pictures to the game, it's just hard to find time between writing and coding all of it! @_@ But I'll hopefully find a good balance and make it work.

Anyway, let's push on with the Beta changes.

New Status Condition; "Shocked"/Changed Status Conditions:
There is a new status condition called; "Shocked" which will be activated if you receive certain transformations that shock your character. These include; switching genders, growing fur, having your skin change color, growing wings, a tail, or horns. Each time one of these massive transformations happen, a script will count down from 50 turns or so, and when it hits 1 you will have a 25% chance to lose -2 or more intelligence. As the whole process has left you distracted and frazzled. This Status Condition has been added to the DDI and to the Western Bookcase transformations in the Study.

I also changed and improved the way the Status Condition's work which has become Status Conditions v1.5. Before, you could only have one status condition at a time and the way it was designed, it would cancel out another status if something happened to you. For example, you couldn't be cold and poisoned. Or healthy and shocked. It would be one or the other. But I went through and completely redesigned everything about it; so now you can have ALL of the status conditions at once and some of them persist until they are cured etc. 

I also made minor changes to each of the Status Conditions as well, and reduced penalties: 

Poisoned - The poisoned message will now only pop up 5% of the time instead of during every turn. This means roughly every 5, 10 or 15 turns you'll receive a reminder that you're indeed poisoned. 

Sick - Instead of losing -5 strength, -5 agility, -10 maximum carry and -3 resist the moment you become sick, you now won't lose these stats unless the Sick Status turns are completed (which is 150 turns I believe). On top of this, I reduce the penalty of these stats as well; -2 strength, - 2 agility, -1 maximum carry, -1 resist and -1 maximum health. So don't let your sickness play all the way through. Don't worry, you can still cure sickness with "Rest" (once implemented) or with a "Cure" (once implemented). 

Cold - Cold will now persist indefinitely if you're in a cold place or just get cold in general. Best ways to cure it is by getting someplace warm or resting. If the cold script goes through all 150 turns, you will lose -5 health and then become sick. Keep in mind that -5 health may not seem like much, but if you can't get warm that's -5 health every 150 turns which could mean freezing to death. 

In addition to this, I had to remove the Status Condition v1.5 from the player pane, and instead moved it into the player Stats page/button and the player description as well. The DDI and the Help Guide have been updated with all the details as well. Basically though, you can become Healthy/Cold, or Unhealthy/Cold/Sick, or Unhealthy/Poisoned ---- the possibilities are now endless :D

Resist + Max Carry Now Customizable
So I've changed Resist and Max Carry a little bit---nothing drastic, they still have the same functionality that they've always had. But instead of having a max Resist of 3, and a starting Max Carry of 3, you now can create your character to have more of these two features if you desire; for example, starting off with 4 Resist, or 6 Max Carry at the start and so on. The reason for these changes is simple, I just wanted the player to have more control over the character they want to create. That's it really. Here are the guidelines below...

Resist- Being a Badass Tank or Maternal Specialities will give you a +1 toward your Resist. Being a Blacksmith Assistant or a Guardsman will as well. If you are an Orc-Descended, Halfling or a Dwarf you will gain a +1 toward your Resist as well. Also, the cap of 3 Resist has been raised to 100 and the Questing reward no longer recharges your Resist, but instead gives you a +2 toward it. This means it will act like the rest of the stats now, although, the only way to lower your Resist is getting hit with Mind Control or a sudden transformations as usual. See? Still works the same way, it'll help keep you from being transformed or MC'ed, and now you'll be able to stack it as high as you want. With that said, "Resting" will still give you a chance of giving you some Resist too---maybe a +1 when I get around to that function.

Max Carry- Warrior At Heart or Fashionable specialities will grant +1 towards Maximum Carry, being an Explorer or Hunter you get a +1 as well. In addition, Human, Elven, Dragon-Descended or Gnome will grant you a +1 “Maximum Carry” as well. That's it, nothing else has changed about Max Carry.

Don't worry, other races will be added to these lists a little later. I just wanted the starting races finished first. Hopefully these changes will improve the player's experience and character customization, which will be event more prominent once the new Character Creation model is finished.

Entice Attack Verb v1.5:
I've begun working on Entice and I have the basic system finally working. I had to redesign it a few times and several errors were fixed (over the last day or so) but finally have the ground-work completed. I've also began working on the first writing/scripting too, which (for now) will be broken into 3 categories when used, each body-part having 3 25% chance of firing scenarios; Successful Entice, Failure to Entice and finally, Entice with Benefits (which will incorporate a sexy scene, or two that will affect your character). In short: 5-6 categories per gender, 3 outcomes per category, multiple variables outcomes to help change up the scripts.

Originally, I wanted the player to be able to choose how they wanted to Entice with the specific body part they wanted to use in mind (for example; picking "Butt" and then choosing to "Wiggle It") but Quest went pretty nuts because of the whole menu stacked within a menu thing. Needless to say, it didn't work. But good news, as I mentioned I'm working on the first writing/scripting scenario now and will hopefully have all of them done in a week or two (assuming everything goes smoothly).

Here are the final categories, which will change depending on your gender:


Oh, there are also other variables which will affect the way Entice works. For example, picking "Butt" right now with a Successful Entice will cause a random -1 to -3 damage. But if you happen to have a heart-shaped but or larger as a female then you will cause an addition -3 damage and if your lust is +5 or higher, you can cause another -3 damage. Keep in mind though, these are place holders but the general idea is there. With Entice bad things can happen to your character as well; like getting knocked up, or hurt as a result. So you have to choose to use it wisely. :)

Weather System/Time of Day/Inside and Outside Location Variables:
The game officially has a Weather System now --- and quite a little complicated one at that (at least from a coding perspective). There are three distinct weather patterns all of which have been described in full in the game's "Help Guide":

Clear: Clear Skies. This weather pattern is the easiest one for the player to deal with as it has no detriments to the environment or to vendors/shops or travel encounters. It's the most common weather pattern as well and has a 50% chance of procing.

Cloudy: Cloudy Skies. This weather pattern is the next common and by itself has no detriments to the player or to the environment/vendors/shops/NPCs or travel encounters. However, there is a 50% chance that when this weather pattern is activated that it will rain as well. If rain does proc, then there is a 30% chance that it will stop at turn 100, but if it does not proc then there is a 30% chance that at turn 100 it will proc. Obviously, rain has a 3% chance per turn to make the player adopt a "Cold Status/Condition". Rain will also affect travel as some areas will flood and force the player to detour, otherwise risking there lives/health to push through. Some vendors and travel events will also be cancelled due to rain as well.

Storm: Storming Out. This weather pattern is the least common but most severe and will have several detriments against the player; it affects travel areas causing them to flood and increasing the risk of crossing, player agility will be reduced as well, areas that are not prone to flooding may flood as well and climbing becomes riskier. Some vendors and travel events will also be affected by stormy weather. Stormy weather can also refer to lightning and thunder, as well as snow storms (depending on the player's location).

Location: Location refers to the player's current location, whether "Inside" or "Outside". If the player is Inside a location they aren't likely to be affected by weather conditions, although the descriptions will change as a result of the weather conditions. Outside Locations are likely to be affected by weather conditions. 

Day/Night System:
The game also officially has a Night/Day Cycle System now. There are four distinct time of day's now, which will begin affecting the player the moment they exit "The Edge" and begin the "Whispering Thicket" area. All times of the day will affect room descriptions. The time of day's are:

Morning: Early Morning. Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but anytime that the player exits a room (starting in the "Whispering Thicket" area, the time of day will shift/change. It will always move in this typical order: Morning ----> Midday -----> Evening ----> Night -----> Morning. The time of day will affect some travel events, shops/vendors/npcs.

Midday: Afternoon. Self-explanatory. The time of day will affect some travel events, shops/vendors/npcs.

Evening: Evening. Self-explanatory. The time of day will affect some travel events, shops/vendors/npcs.

Night: Night. Night-time will be particularly important to the player. Generally, most shops/vendors will be closed at night and sometimes there will be specific night-time events (but once in a while you'll be able to find certain/specific shops and vendors ONLY at night, so keep an eye out)! Also, I haven't decided if the player will be able to move in the middle of the night, but if so, then I might design it that if you try to travel at night, you'll be moved to a random spot in the area that you are currently exploring. If I go with not allowing the player to move, then the player will need to "rest" in order to make "morning" happen. The player will eventually be able to make fires as well (if they have the supplies to do so) and in colder locations without as fire at night, you're character will adopt a "Cold Status/Condition" which can lead to a "Sick Status/Condition".

Location: As mentioned above, this refers to the player's current location, whether "Inside" or "Outside". If the player is Inside a certain location then night time conditions might not affect them (like getting "cold", for example) and will allow them to move around Inside of that location. 

Bug Fixes:
I've been informed of a few minor bugs that still exist, so I stomped those out; but there are some that are still being worked on, such as the weapon unequip error (which happens when you don't have a weapon equipped), I fixed numerous errors with the TOD System, and the Weather System as well. There are a couple of smaller things too but you can see them in the change-log.

Modified Quest Rewards:
I modified Quest Rewards to account for the new Max Carry and the New Resist. I believe picking Resist now will increase your Resist by +2. And Max Carry should be the same, I'm just too lazy to look at the moment. That should help the player customize their characters too.

Moar Slow Cow-Taur TF:
I wasn't very satisfied with the scripts or the coding of the Cow-Taur TF, so I completely rewrote all the narratives leading up the horns. You can play around with the horns for the time being, but I'm still in the process of rewriting them and turn 220. After that, I should be back to the heart of the TF (I'm excited for this one but I also want to finish it too!).

***SaveLoad System***
There are two to three errors going on with it in this particular release, but hopefully they will be cleared up soon ^_^ maybe by the next patron beta. 

I'm hoping to knock out more Pregnancy, or finish it if all goes well, finish the Slow Cow-Taur TF, Begin remastering the new grouping of older items, remaster more Hannah, add the real description of the Winding Wood room, scan some of the Equipment Viewer pictures into the game (if I'm lucky), add more Entice into the game (which means sex with enemies on some occasions) and then finally if there is still time, add a few more rooms of the Whispering Thicket area.

Next Public Release: 1FEB17 

Thank you again for all your support, bug catches and suggestions! :D


ChangeLog v0.9.2C (Beta)

- Added “Flame”, “Prometheus”, “Drylon3” and “Findf” to the game’s “Thank You” page! Thank you again guys!
- I created the basic concept map of the “Whispering Thicket” which will consist of about 45 rooms; roughly 150 miles of travel, which equates to about 3-4 days of walking and 720 minutes of rest.
J You can go backward and forward in it, or cut into other paths, and sometimes the random events will move you to other areas and get you totally lost! MWAHAHAH! When you look on the concept map, circles will indicate weather affected areas, squares represent the rooms that you can go to and the paths that you can leave from, and triangles represent the places where random events will/can occur. I’m thinking four major events per room that fit the location.
- Added the “Shocked” scripts to the “Player Status/Conditions” so they are now ready to go. I have reduced the turns of “Shocked” from 100 down to 50 though. You should receive a message when the transformation first happens, at turn 35 and on the last turn before you settle into the new transformation. You will not become shocked unless it deals with a major transformation like growing wings, a tail, growing horns or changing genders etc. I will be adding these to the game now in the “Study; Western Bookcase”. Changes that happen overtime also won’t make you become “Shocked” but if these kinds of transformations happen to you rapidly or in a quick succession, you could permanently lose -2 “intelligence” or more, especially if the entire script completes. I decided to make the intelligence loss for this a 25% chance, so it isn’t very likely to happen but it CAN happen.
- I’ve decided that the player should be able to have as much resist as they like, so I’ve removed the cap of 3 and increased the max to 100. I’ll have to tweak how the mechanic works a bit, but I think it’ll lead to better character customization. Oh, during quests, instead of recharging your resist, you can increase it by +1, and like always if you fall to 0 “Resist”, you run the risk of transformations affecting your character. As always slow transformations ignore “Resist”. Certain choices in the Creation process will now give you “Resist” but all characters will start with at least 1 “Resist”. The “Help Guide” has been updated accordingly. Being a “Badass Tank” or “Maternal” Specialities will give you a +1 toward your “Resist”, being a “Blacksmith Assistant” or a “Guardsman” will as well. If you are an “Orc-Descended”, “Halfling” or a “Dwarf” you will gain a +1 toward your “Resist”. That’s it for that, for now --- at least until the new Creation Process is released.
- For the new “Resist” I have changed the combined a lot of the older scripts in the Western Bookcase to match whether or not your “Resist” is great than 1 or = to 0. Otherwise, it pretty much works the same.
- I tweaked a few of the “Player Status/Conditions” so that you don’t lose your stats temporarily in the beginning of being “Sick”. If you do happen to get all the way through the sickness though without resting or being cured, the stats that you would have temporarily lost in the beginning: -5 “strength”, -5 “agility”, -10 “maximum carry” and -3 “resist” will be what you lose at the end, only instead they will be vastly reduced; -2 “strength”, - 2 “agility”, -1 “maximum carry”, -1 “resist” and -1 “maximum health”. So don’t let your sickness go all the way through!
- I have redone the “Player Condition/Status” It is now v1.5. The only thing that has changed mechanically in this new version is that you can have multiple ailments at once; meaning ALL of them. Because of this, I also needed to remove it from the main player pane. However, I have added it to the “Stats Button” and the “Player Description” as well for the player’s convenience. I also fixed several grammatical issues with the scripts and made a test item for the public if they want to play around with it. Hope you guys like it! Oh, and the help guide has been updated accordingly (with “Shocked” added as well). The player “Stats” button will now indicate all your current ailments, if any.
- The DDI has been updated with the new conditions and the new format of those conditions.
- When you’re “Poisoned” you will now receive an initial message letting you know that something has poisoned you. You will also receive a message telling you that your status has changed, and then subsequently there is a 5% that every turn you take another message will remind you in case you missed the others. This shouldn’t pop up too frequently, but will be just enough to alert you.
- Began working on the “Entice” Scenes. I have the “Butt Entice” menu ready now. Fixed two major errors with the scripting. I have created all the variables that “males” and “females” will use. Here is the list of them below; the plan for now is to have three different outcomes per category which have a 25% chance of firing. The three categories (with multiple variables) are: success, failure and success with benefits, the latter of which will include a sex scene. I have the female “butt” success option finished. Basically, you have a chance to take away -1 - -3 health from your opponent, but certain variables will provide additional damage; for instance with the “butt” option if you have a heart-shaped butt or larger as a female then you will cause an additional -3 damage, and if you have +5 “Lust” or greater you’ll do an additional -3 damage.

- I decided to give “Maximum Carry” the “Resist” treatment. By default you get 1 “Maximum Carry” but certain choices in the Character Creation process can give you more. They will be listed here: “Warrior At Heart” or “Fashionable” specialities will grant +1 towards “Maximum Carry”, being an “Explorer” or “Hunter” you get a +1 as well. In addition, “Human”, “Elven”, “Dragon-Descended” or “Gnome” will grant you a +1 “Maximum Carry” as well.
- Created the backbone of the “Inside/Out”, “Weather System” and the “Night/Day Cycle System”. I simplified the scripts of the new “Weather System” and removed all unnecessary components. All elements of these scripts have been added to the “Save/Load System”. The possible combinations of all these systems are: “Weather; clear, cloudy (rain), storming” and the “TOD; morning, midday, evening, night”. Although, at the moment, I’m having some difficulty with the “Night/Day System” so a little more work needs to be done on it. As far as the “Weather System” goes, each weather effect last about 200 turns or so. At the beginning of “Cloudy” there is a 50% chance that it’ll “Rain” as well. At turn 100 of the “Cloud Weather” there will be an additional 30% chance for it to rain too, which will last about 100 turns if it procs. With that all said and done, the “Weather System” is officially in the game and working 100%! You’ll receive messages in the beginning about what “Weather” is currently affecting your surroundings. There’s a 50% chance that the “Weather” will be “Clear”, a 25% chance that it’ll wind up “Cloudy” and if neither of those proc, it’ll become “Stormy”. If it’s “Stormy” every turn you take outside will give you a 3% chance to receive a “Cold Condition/Status”. These effects do not activate until you have reached the “Whispering Thicket” of the game.
J I also added that if it’s already raining during “Cloudy Weather” that it’ll have a 30% chance to stop raining at turn 100.
- When you enter “Part 2/Chapter 2” (the title screen) the game will now randomize your starting “Weather” and your starting “Time of Day” --- so you could begin your adventure at any interval.
- Added “Weather”, “Day/Night Cycle” and “Inside/Outside Locations” to the “Stats” button, so now you can check your specific surroundings anytime ^_^ Now I just have to add them to the “Help Guide”; I’ve written the descriptions for the “Outside/Inside Locations”, “Day/Night Cycle” and the “Weather System”. Meaning all of them are now added to the game. 
- Rooms that are specified as “Inside Rooms” are now appropriately labeled in the “Stats Loc(ation) System” even in Chapter 1.
- Fixed Error running script: Error compiling expression 'gh.tub1.flag=True': Unknown object or variable 'gh' I put a period/dot instead of an underscore. Yippie!
- I changed/modified some description in the game that mentioned “clubbing” or “club dresses” and the mention of a “number (as in telephone number)” in the “Tavern Bouncer” introduction. I appreciate the catches!
- Fixed a missing period on the “cricket” script in the “Waterhole” and modified some of the descriptions.
- Added several pieces of code to the “SaveLoad System” that weren’t previously in there from all the new rooms.
- Began more work on the “Cow-Taur TF” and the “Cursed Necklace” scripts. I have up to turn 220 completely rewritten for better narrative purposes.
- I’ve changed some of the “Quest Rewards” and their descriptions upon receiving different attributes. “Resist” now gives you a +2 if chosen as a reward.
- I added a test description to the “Winding Wood” room dealing with “Day/Night Cycle” and the “Weather” combinations.