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Dec 29, 2016

Update! New Room + Chapter 2, Bug Fixes, Combat Adjustments, Hannah Remaster + New Scenes for Males and New Hannah Commands, New Player Status Condition, Update Changes/Frequency


It's update day once again! Although, you'll have to excuse me, my 1 1/2 year old son caught a nasty bug and was puking and having diarrhea about two nights ago and last night my House Spouse and I finally caught it so I'm very weak and tired right now. I probably won't go into a ton of detail about the changes in this update but I'll do my best :) The holidays also wore me out and hindered work on the game just a tad. But a lot did get done! I added about 40,000 words and 500 lines of code.

New Room + Chapter 2:
So there is a new room outside, "The Edge" which leads to Chapter 2: Into the Wild. Sudden Death 2 and the Rolling Hills Redux also have exits to the Edge as well now and all their descriptions will change based on if you defeated the horde and/or met Hannah, etc. The Edge has multiple exits (3 to be exact); one is the common way, one is the hidden way and the last leads to the revamped bad end with the zombies which has been slightly changed to fit the new scenario. You can find out more in the change-log, although be warned there are spoilers!

Bug Fixes:
I fixed several more bugs, spacing errors and grammar mistakes which can be found in the change-log.

Combat Adjustments:
There have been a lot of combat adjustments and fixes; including health and damage reduction for zombies, zombie attack scripts against the player, Rolling Hills damage reduction from the event, rose the defense requirements for the same events, changed the game over and maximum health messages, raised enemy loot percentages, adjusted agility which now gets divided by two, etc. Lots of changes which I hope make combat more tolerable. I also have the "Entice v1.5" command ready to go as well and the menus all set up although if you try to use it right now it'll cause a small error but it won't hinder gameplay. I hope to add some scenes in for the next coming update.

Hannah Remaster + New Scenes for Males and New Hannah Commands:
Males now have "Kiss Scenes" with Hannah, although it doesn't quite happen the same way the female version does. I also filled out ALL of the "Fool Around" scripts for if you're horny enough or not, or if you change your mind once you click that option. All of those lead to the quest completion and the laboratory key :)  I also removed an option "Saying Excuse Me" in the beginning of the Initial Greeting with Hannah. I did this because the section of code for Hannah is getting so large, that entering code into it is extremely laggy and I still have about 20-30k words (possibly more) to add without the extra option. I also moved the other "sex scene" choices to the new commands and split them up into new categories to avoid the same thing happening (the extreme lag on my end, which helps prevent the scripting from getting TOO large). With that said, Hannah has a total of four commands, all of which are described in her description.

There is "Attack", "Chat", "Flirt", and "Confess". Chat and flirt will be the basic ways to increase/decrease your relationship points and confess will help you move to new relationship categories. All NPCs will have these three options I think.

New Player Status Condition:
There is a new player status "Shocked", although it currently isn't in the game. The scripting is all there however and the backbone is ready to go, I just have to add the custom messages. You can still experience it though with the DDI if you wish. You will receive this status condition when you undergo a major transformation or traumatic event.

Update Changes/Frequency:
I mentioned this in the last progress report, but I decided to space the game updates from two weeks to a month (not including hotfixes). Patrons will still get an update every two weeks for bug testing. I did this so that I can release the game to the public in much bigger chunks (so there will be more to play at once) and it relieves a lot of stress off my back for pushing out updates. It also means (hopefully) less buggy releases for what it's worth. In short...

Public: 1 Month

Patron: 2 Weeks.

I will still be providing routine progress reports as well, so no worries.

That's about it! I need rest and sleep now. Hope you guys like the changes! And as always if you have any questions about anything at all, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer.

COMING UP IN FEBURARY: More Cow-Taur TF, Some Entice Sex Scenes, Hannah Remastering, Item Remastering, New Rooms in Chapter 2 and well, let's aim for that! I'm sure there will be much more though. Maybe I'll have time to complete the Character Viewer and perhaps a Rold picture.

Next Public Update: 01FEB17

Next Patron Beta Update: 15JAN17


AMS v0.9.2B Change Log
- Added a new room beyond “Sudden Death 2” called “The Edge” which will conclude Chapter 1 (in this path). It now has a unique description and a first time entering script. There are 2 planned ways of leaving the room and multiple variations of this departure; the first is to do a general “search” of the area. If you pass the “intelligence check” which is having an intelligence of 7 or greater, you’ll discover a path to the east, which you can take down to the ground. If you have an intelligence of 6 or less, you’ll have a 50% chance to discover the path to the east. If you decide to take it, you have to pass a “strength check”. If you pass, you’ll be able to reach the bottom without taking damage or losing items. If you fail the strength check, then you’ll have an “agility check” which determines how much health you’ll lose when you hit. If you fail the “agility check” you’ll lose half the health you would have, if you had jumped, which is 7 health. You’ll also have a 35% chance to lose breakable items, or glass items and you’ll only lose a quarter of the health that you would have if you’d failed the agility check, which is 3 health. You won’t lose any items either. If you don’t, you can only “jump”. If you jump, you’ll lose 15 health and you’ll have a 35% chance to lose breakable items or glass items upon impact, the description also takes in to account if you’ve discovered the path as well. Originally, I had certain races have advantages here --- but after talking with those in my Patreon skype they agreed that keeping it based strictly on stats helps the player immerse themselves in the character they are creating and lets them play those characters as they would like. There is a third exit as well called “Stand Your Ground”, which leads to the original zombie bad-ending that was in Sudden Death before. It now has a slight modification to fit the new scenario. It also takes into account whether or not you discovered the hidden path, and/or beat the zombie horde in the “Rolling Hills Redux”. If you defeated the horde in the “Rolling Hills Redux” on any difficulty, it will slightly change the first-time entrance description of “the Edge” a little bit too.
- Made it so that you cannot “Masturbate” in “Sudden Death 2”, “Rolling Hills Redux” and “The Edge” and I set up the “Pillage/Search” for all three rooms and the “No Masturbate” message. You cannot “search” in “Sudden Death 2” though or in “The Edge”.
- I have named the next chapter, “Chapter 2: Into the Wild”
- Removed several “player.damage” scripts that I forgot about! But instead of removing them completely, I changed them to give you “Maximum Health” instead.
- Fixed the “Female” error on the “Ornate Bell Necklace”
- Began working on the Duplication System/Process so that players can get more than 1 of each item. This is the second half of the Stacking System I’m trying to implement.
- Added the “Health Recharge” scripts. If you have less than full health, then every 100 turns, you’ll have a chance to gain +1, +3, +4, +5 health! Although there are some bugs I need to fix. All fixed and it works great!
- “Sudden Death 2” now has enemy requirements to pass in order to get to “The Edge”. On “Regular Difficulty” you need to kill both the zombies, but on “Noble Difficulty” you must kill “four” of them. These flags have been added to the “Save/Load System”. If you fought and defeated the horde in the “Rolling Hills Redeux” it will also change the first-time entrance description of “Sudden Death 2” a little.
- “Rolling Hills Redeux” now leads to “Sudden Death 2” and now has enemy death requirements to pass in order to leave there. On “Regular Difficulty” you must kill the “7 zombies” which make up the horde. On “Noble Difficulty” you must kill all “15 zombies” which make up the horde.
- I added the status’ of all enemies so far to the “Save/Load System”. So if you kill some and save, they will remain dead upon load.
- Added a new room, “The Winding Wood” which is the first room of “Chapter 2”.
- Set up a new Function to handle “Breakable Items” when needed. There will always be a 35% chance in these scenarios.
- I switched the “Moods” that the “Black Miniskirt” and the “Ragged Jean Shorts” give. The “Black Miniskirt” now gives “Sexy Points” and the “Ragged Jean Shorts” give “Sarcasm Points”. That’s it!
- The “zombies” now have player attack scripts which have several variations and take into account how tall you are. Fixed a scripting error with the attack scripts.
- Fixed a spacing problem in the Chapter titles.
- Fixed a “wait error” in the “the Edge” jump script, and the secret path script.  
- Fixed having high “agility” making you practically impossible to hit. So now your “agility” gets divided by 2. That seems to have fixed the problem for now.
- Raised enemy loot percentage drops from 15% up to 25%
- “Female Zombie” attacks have been lowered; 4 to 3 damage. “Male Zombie” attacks have been lowered; 6 to 4 damage.
- All “Male Zombie” health has been lowered; 30 to 20 health. “Female Zombies” health has been lowered from 20 down to 15. That means with a weapon you could potentially take them down in one or two hits, or one critical. They also have a slightly better chance of landing hits if you’re agility is under 10.
- Fixed error with “weapons” still doing damage even after said weapon has been removed/destroyed.
- Fixed the player being able to leave battles/rooms prematurely before all the enemies were killed in rooms that specified it. More work needs to be done on this though.
- Revamped the “Max Health” loss messages so they make more sense in all contexts, the same was done for the game over scripting.
J I also adjusted it from printing twice in a row.
- Decreased the amount of damage you lose during the “Rolling Hills; Run Event” and decreased the requirements for passing the tests: Instead of 15 “strength” or 10 “agility” they are down to 7 “strength” and 7 “agility” to match the new stats I implemented a patch or two ago. You lose significantly less heath now carrying a weapon or not. But the “rickety machete” and the “beating stick” will still possibly get destroyed. Adjusted some of the messages too.
- Lowered the chance of miscarry from vitality loss; non-maternal 40% down to 30%. Maternal has stayed 10%.
- “Entice v1.5” Menus are set up on all the monsters, although they don’t currently do anything yet.
- “Combat Commands” have been added to the game’s “Help Guide”, including an explanation of “Entice” and “Attack”.
- The “Male Minotaur” health has decreased; 150 down to 115.
- I changed the beginning scripts of pregnancy! You won’t know if you’re pregnant until either “turn 100”, or “turn 130” --- At “turn 100” you have a 25% chance to receive 1 type of message, a 25% chance to receive another type and a 25% chance to receive another type, and if none of those pop up you won’t find out until “turn 130” when you’re breasts feel sore (if you’re maternal) or if you miscarry! Other scripts have been combined together. I also removed the first chunk of pregnancy from the player description, meaning you won’t know if you’re pregnant until at least 2 months.
- Reduced the “Hair Growth” and “Nail Growth” turn. Nails is down from 600 to 300. Hair is down from 700 to 400.
- Added “PressToContinue” scripts to all the Zombie Bad Ends so the text is broken up a lot. No errors produced during testing :D
- Fixed a minor script error in the “The Edge” descriptions.
- Fixed a paragraph spacing error in “the Edge” room when/if you discover the path. Removed an extra period as well.
- Adjusted the “Rolling Hills; Defense Requirement” 1 up to 2.
- Began more Hannah remastering. All the menus in her “Chat/Compliment Commands” are set up and ready to go and all of the “not having met Hannah yet” messages are completed. I’ll be moving all of the remaining “Fooling Around” options in the “Initial Greeting” to this area. The kissing for both genders will remain in the “Initial Greeting”. I also modified the menu’s in the “Chat/Compliment Commands” particularly in the “Not met Hannah yet” so that anything sexual, or anything that involves confessing your feelings will have a unique message. In the “Initial Greeting”, I also added the alternative messages to the “sexy” and “sarcasm” mood(s) in case your character isn’t horny. It basically just gives the “Food and Water Choice” if that’s the case for both males and females; although the message will begin differently depending on your orientation. Male kiss scenarios and orientations are set-up and ready to be added. The “Straight Male; Kiss Option” with “Hannah” has been written for the “Sexy Side”, but be careful! She doesn’t take kindly to the offer of cheating on her husband with you! You’ll lose relationships points! Began work on the “Bi-Gay Male; Kiss Option” with “Hannah and now that is completed as well which has the same relative outcome that the straight male has (naturally). The “incomplete warning” on the “Fool Around” option has been removed as all branches of that option should now be completed. Let me know if you guys find any errors though!
- Because of the sheer size of the Hannah script, I will have to eliminate one or two choices within, merely because I’m not sure how much more text the Hannah variable can handle (I still have about 20-30k words to finish with her at least on the existing initial greeting). It’s beginning to lag really bad in code view. I’m also predicting this will happen to the “Chat/Compliment Command” as well once it gets going, so I’m going to shift all the “Flirt/Confession” options into their own command script separate from the “Chat/Compliment Command. It’ll make it easier to keep track of as well in my opinion. For now, the first of these changes is that “Excuse Me” is no longer an option. You can “Clear Your Throat” or “Shout” to let her know you’re there.
- I removed the “Fuck Option” from her description in all personalities as this has been moved to the “Confess Command”
- Hannah now has three sections of topics ready to go when I get to them (and the fourth option which is to “Attack Her”). These options are listed in Hannah’s description for quick reference. All character’s will have these three options.  
Her Hair?
Her Intelligence? 
Her Clothing?
Her Beautiful Family? 
Her Home? 
Her Taste in Art? 

Her Laugh?
Her Eyes?
Her Breasts? 
Her Lips?
Her Butt?                                
How Attractive She Is?
Her Sense of Humor?
Her Intelligence?
Give Her A Gift.      

Ask Her Out?
Ask Her to Marry You? 
Confess Your Love?  
Ask to Make Love.  

- Added the shell of “Shocked” to the “Player Status/Conditions”. Currently the scripts aren’t implemented but whenever you experience a major transformation like switching genders or growing wings etc, your character will experience “shock/awe”. This status effect does not affect your stats but instead just emulates mental surprise and then gradual acceptance of your new look/change. Once the script hit’s “1” you’ll revert back to being of “healthy condition/status”
- When you’re “Sick” you no longer lose -5 INT, instead you lose -10 “Max Carry” until you feel better. When your “Shocked” you will lose -10 INT until the duration has run its course.
- “Shocked” has been added to the DDI. That should do it for this update!

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