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Nov 12, 2017

New Patrons; DatDooder the Dangerous, William the Willful and Talirainy the Treacherous + Mini-Progress Report + Announcement Reminder

Hey all!
Just wanted to take a quick second to introduce three brand new patrons to the mix! 5 more people and we'll become ApocaVille :P Sounds like a cool game all on it's own, LOL! Anyway! Sorry about the ranting, but please say hello to Talirainy, William and DatDooder and if you have the time, toss them a like or a welcome message if you're feeling generous. Help them feel welcomed and part of the group ^_^ With all that said, I hope you three will become active members in the community, not just via Patreon, but through emails, polls and through the blog as well; wherever is convenient for ya. As for your codes and anything else you've earned, you'll be able to find them in the personalized welcome emails I'm about to send you. It'll have everything you need to know. Keep in mind, all rewards are progressive too (meaning they build up the longer you pledge) and Patreon keeps track of the total so if you earn a reward and you want to claim it just lemme know and I'll get you whatever you need asap! Other than that, I hope all of you feel incredibly welcome and I thank you for your generosity.
I also would like to take this time to thank the rest of you on patron for sticking with me and the game, and donating not only your funds but your precious time as well. It takes a great act of sacrifice to do what you all do and I know I for one am very grateful and will never take advantage of that gift. So thank you again for all your help so far, it's greatly appreciated. I hope the end product is worth everything that you guys have put into this. 
Mini-Progress Report: So I've been an extremely busy little bee. Not only have I been teaching six classes and will be for the next two weeks (one down, three to go), but I've been pretty much living at my computer when not tending to family. So far, there has been a TON of new things added and I still got about 14 days to go. Hopefully, you guys will be impressed, but if not, I will strive to do better (while pacing myself so I don't get burned out or anything :P ). 
First off, I've squished several bugs; some that I've found, some other minor ones that others have found. Less bugs = less immersion breaks, which is very important to me. Secondly, I've modified and improved some of the Status Conditions (making it so that sometimes you self-cure). I've also vastly reduced the demand of the New Character Creator on Quest and completely streamlined the code to run even smoother than it was while also including new features (like randomization being the top choice and enabling the player to randomize weight). All of the Masturbation Scenes are ready to go for both Males and Females (the first two choices anyhow), so now I can start adding the 3rd Choice. They are also coded to include every single race in the game and are tailored specifically for each race. I've begun the Laboratory Remaster; Rold now has preferences (which I will list in the change-log), I've finished the general description remaster of the Laboratory, the first time entrance has been rewritten, the first time landing description has been rewritten/modified, Rold's description has been tailored to your Dominant mood and has been completely remastered, and his first conversation is ready to be remastered as well. Whew! I've also hard-coded his other chat-choices "Attack", "Chat" and "Flirt" (he's also a lot more picky than Hannah is). 
I'm also looking into revamping the combat system as well. So stay tuned for that because trust me, it annoys me too >.< ! But I want to make it a lot more smooth and intuitive since I have all the new Skill Trees ready to be implemented. 
In other news, I just wanted to remind the general public that this link.... is the brand new "Public AMS Discord Channel" that everyone is welcome to join and become a part of (you also have access to the bug-report channel too). Keep in mind patrons still have three channels all to themselves, but I'll be paying attention to both the Patron Channel and the Public Channel at the same time, so if you're a fan, stop in and say hello! Plus, you get to talk with me 24/7 (assuming I'm home). 
Other than that, not much else to report at the moment. I'll keep you guys updated though like always! Now, off to bed @_@ I'm exhausted.

Nov 9, 2017

New Patrons; DaOneRager the Druid, Arthur the Aristocrat and Dylan the Dark Ranger + New + Announcement!

Before I begin, I wanted to introduce two new patrons to our little mix but forgive me if I'm not super articulate or long-winded tonight, I'm pretty exhausted and I feel super scatter-brained. With that said, please give a very warm welcome to DaOneRager, Dylan and Arthur! Hola, you three! I hope you guys will find a nice home here in our Apoca-Community. Like with everyone else, I encourage you guys to be as active as you can be, after all, I listen to my patrons and visitors and really take what they say into account, just ask about all the polls I run regarding various topics of the game. I like to think you guys are the muscle of the game and I'm the backbone. So use your voice anytime it's convenient and I'll definitely respond to you as soon as I can. I'm not afraid to get down and dirty with stuff either. If you are curious about something in the game, or want to vent to me about something going on in your life, my ear is open to you. ^_^ I should be sending out your thank-you emails pretty shortly here as well which will contain any codes you've earned and how to use them. Remember too, rewards are progressive meaning the longer you donate the more rewards you earn. If you're confused about that, just let me know :P Thank you again for your generosity!
In other news, remaster of Rold's laboratory continues; I've remastered the main description, Rold's main description which now changes based on your dominant Mood, I've added most, if not all his technical coding aspects like what relationship you currently are with him and I've remastered the first time entrance to the laboratory itself. I also completely went through the new character creator again and lightened the code up significantly to reduce any lag, improved the existing code on some of the choices and switched around some of the scripting to make it flow easier, truly randomized the random choice (meaning all choices now have 100% equal chance of being chosen) and then I created a walkthrough which will hopefully help you create a completely random character anytime (I'm not exactly sure HOW walkthrough characters work, but I'll find out if it's possible to let you guys use it). Either way, hopefully, everyone will enjoy it. I'm kinda surprised though as no one suggested I add anything to it or suggested anything to improve it. If you think of something lemme know. Other than that, I've been bug fixing and fixing things here and there to make the experience more streamlined. 
Whew! The big announcement I had too is that I'm creating a public channel on the AMS Discord. Public members won't be able to access "Introductions", "Other" and the "Normal Apoca-Talk Channel", but they will have their own Apoca-Talk Public channel that patrons can pop in on. So if you need to escape somewhere away from the public, you have your own channel. So I invite all of you to that public channel ^_^ Here's the invite:
That's it for now! Stay tuned.