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Jan 24, 2017

Patreon Poll


I have another poll regarding regular difficulty zombies. So shoot on over to Patreon and share your opinion. I listen to all of you so if you have something to say about them, I'd love to hear it.

Here's the link. Also, feel free to comment there or here about anything on your mind. Thank you for your time!


Jan 22, 2017

Progress Report: Apocamorphosis Trailer, Facial Entice, Bug Fixes, Item Duplication, Pale Abomination/Male Minotaur Player Attack Scripts, Equipment Viewer Progression, New Character Creator Progression

Hey all!

So its been a few days since the last progress report. As most people already know (if you've been following the game for a while), whenever I release an update of the game, I usually take two or three days off just to clear my mind and recover some of my stamina as the process is extremely exhausting (at times). I'm not sure if everyone knows this or not but coding every aspect of a game, drawing all the art for it and writing multiple storylines/paths/descriptions can be very draining, so it's important to take time off (advice for those who want to make a game themselves)! I'm also managing full-time classes again and taking care of a family as well, so it feels like I'm being pulled and stretched all over the place! @_@ ! 

Annnnnnnnnyway, so instead of taking time off (do as I say not as I do ^_~) like I try to push myself to do, I instead decided to create an actual trailer for the game. I did this because I know some people don't like reading an introduction, especially on a project they just stumble upon, so a video of the game is a nice alternative to introduce the game and getting people interested in it. I'll explain it below.

Oh, I've been swamped with homework already too, so as I mentioned work on the game will slow down just a tad as homework takes priority, and if I have a lot in one day it usually wears me out. 

Apocamorphosis Trailer:
I've already showed this to several patrons and received feedback (though not as much as I would have liked) so this video is the second version (the first was ....well, god awful). There are some stock images in there currently, but eventually I think I'll replace some of it with my own art/characters or at least some images from the game. Then it'll more or less be completed. I would love some feedback just please keep in mind I've never ever made a video before or manipulated images in this manner. It was definitely a learning experience. You can watch the video in the link below (just in case the embedding isn't functioning).

AMS Trailer

Facial Entice
I was talking with a patron who wanted me to add a few things to the game via some of her rewards and she casually mentioned something about increasing entice using certain items etc but more specifically she mentioned something about facial entice. I didn't even have that planned! But after she mentioned it, it got me thinking; it would give a use (aside from NPC preferences) for having certain desirable facial features and it would allow me to have oral sex added to these options, so I added Facial Entice to the hardcode for both male and females! Hurrah! I'll have more details on this as I develop Entice more. 

Bug Fixes
So with all the new things that have been added, of course, a few things have gone buggy which I am currently looking into, although I may need a second pair of eyes for some of the more detailed parts of the code. But anyway, in short, when you add new things to a project sometimes things can and will go awry! But not to worry, I hope to have most of these problems fixed by the time the next public version is released in February. If not, there might be a slight delay! Some of the problems are with the SaveLoad System (which is still in testing phase anyway), I fixed some tag errors with "The Edge" room, there are some errors with the Duplication addition, etc

I also have added metric to all references of height (that I could find). If you manage to find something that doesn't have a metric alternative, please let me know. Hopefully this will help players from other countries ^_^ 

Item Duplication:
I've been messing around implementing the "Duplication System" so I went through and changed all the code accordingly, as I mentioned above this has created some errors throughout the game, although most of them are relatively minor at best. But so far the Duplication has been a success, meaning you can carry more than one item now and they get moved into their proper stacks for easy sorting. Right now consuming/using items doesn't remove them though so you basically have an infinite amount! Oh no! xD I'll keep you guys up to date on this as the development continues. This is definitely a big step forward though!

Pale Abomination/Male Minotaur Player Attack Scripts
I've been working on adding in the player attack scripts for the Pale Abomination and the Male Minotaur, which has actually been a lot of fun thus far. I already have several weapons done with more on the way which means for the next release, the battles with those two enemies will feel more dynamic and exciting! :D I've also caught several grammatical errors with the male zombie scripts too, so those will be fixed as well pretty soon.

Equipment Viewer Progression:
I've redrawn the Equipment Viewer Grid and wrote in all of the slot names. I think there turned out to be about 15 total and I tried to put them in an order that makes it easy to follow. Main equipment will be on one side and accessories will be on other. After that, it'll be quite easy to implement a character viewer that dynamically changes with the player's choices and decisions :) I think the equipment viewer will definitely help the player keep track of what they've filled. Here are the categories below: 

Outfit, Pelvis, T.Inner, Torso, T.Outer, Back, L.Body, Feet, Head, Waist, Finger, Wrist, Hands, Neck, Ankle. 

New Character Creator Progression
So I'm back to work on the new character creator, specifically the writing aspect. I'm nearly done with the story-line for the fourth and final part too and so far the House Spouse approves (which means I'm on the right track). I hope to be finished with it by next weekend and then I'll be working on the final questions that will complete it ^_^ Very exciting! 

More Cow-Taur, New Items, Hannah Remaster, More Equipment Viewer Progression, More Bug Fixes, More Character Creation Progression, Item Remaster, New Whispering Thicket Area Progression.