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Jan 20, 2018

New Patrons; Arkthema the Audacious, Jacob the Just, Mackenzie the Martyr

I'd also like to introduce a few new patrons that have jumped into our cauldron of love (and doom)! ^__^ Please give a warm welcome to Arkthema, Jacob and Mackenzie. Let me be the first to say thank you all so much for contributing toward this project, I really appreciate it. But more importantly, thank you for having an interest in the game and giving it an extra pair of eyes. I always say that you're attention and suggestions are the backbone of this game, now what I mean by that is the more eyes that are on it, the better I can catch errors, make corrections and add content that we'd all like to see. In addition to this, you get to become a part of a great community of like minded individuals, most of whom I really enjoy talking to. It really gives a dev fuel to work when they know they have people backing them up. So as I mentioned I'm extremely grateful for each and every one of you. Don't forget the rewards are progressive in my game too meaning monthly contributions stack for a grand total; for example, $3 a month, $6 dollars for month 2 etc. So it's your responsibility to keep track of that. If you're ever curious about what you've earned thus far, just lemme know! Also, I should be sending out your personalized thank you emails here soon enough! I just have to type them out. That's all I got, thank you again for your contributions, my family and I appreciate your support!

No Stream Today + News!

Hey everyone :D 
I just wanted to let you guys know there won't be a stream today because my two year old has a dance recital xP So we're going to watch him be all cute and whatnot. In other news, the Save/Load System has been getting a metric shit-ton of work done on it so that it'll work 100%. Many of the libraries dealing with it have had massive reworks and it's coming along nicely. I dare say I hope to have it working completely in the next few days if not sooner. 
In the meantime, I've been working on Rold's remaster; his Attack Script in both scenarios is complete and now I only have 1 topic and two moods in another topic left in his Initial Conversation. Once those are complete and once I add the sex scenes to the Idle Flirt option his remaster will be finished. Once that is accomplished I can move on from the main laboratory room and onto either Aaleahya (the player's first potential companion) or the Experimentation Cells. Woo!
That's all for the time being! Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh and tomorrow's two streams should be on as usual.