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Sep 20, 2017

New Patrons; Joe the Jock and Ryan the Ridiculous! + News!

Hey guys! 
I just wanted to acknowledge two of our newest patrons and wanted to introduce them to you guys personally (as always). Say hello to Joe and Ryan! Let me be the first to say, welcome you two! I hope you find yourselves in good clean company, except that everyone here is a dirty, dirty person! But it's to be expected when you have a dictato....ahem, dev like me ^_^;; Especially since I love all the things, and all the people. I am a nice person with happy feelings. All of the time! (let's see if you guys get that reference!) But really, welcome you two, I'm happy to meet you and I hope everyone else is too. Remember that you have a voice, so use it! Exercise it! Let me know when you like or dislike something, your general feelings about puppies, the whole sha-bang. With that said, I'll be sending your welcome emails out soon. If you're looking for the Patron Beta there will be a link in the email, but you can also find it on Patreon a few posts back. I should be sending out your personalized welcome here in a little bit. 
In other news, PREGNANCY IS FINALLY DONE --- EXCEPT for the birthing descriptions and code. But yeah! It's all done!! WOO! **blows party thing that makes the funny whistle thing** Once the Stick Code is working, the Rest Command will be completely finished too, which are huge to-do's off of my list. I'll probably end up having an open discussion with you guys though about how we want to handle children in the game. I honestly have a FEW ideas, but they aren't very good ones. So I would love to hear what you guys think when I create the post. DON'T POST YOUR IDEAS HERE in THIS POST --- wait until the Pregnancy Discussion Post --- so I can keep everyone's thoughts together on the same page. Keep in mind too, Secondary Pregnancy will be coming eventually as well (which deals with butt-pregnancy/laying eggs). 
I've been working on the Character Creation too and the Cow-Taur transformation. We have two more major scripts left done for that and then I'll be able to move onto the next. Lots of great stuff coming. The foundations of the game are certain coming together nicely and making it stronger and more reliable as a whole! Lots to look forward to. 
That's all I got ^_^ !

Sep 18, 2017

New Patreons; Robert the Ready, McDade the Manslayer and Timothy the Thunderous

Hey everyone ^_^

I just wanted to take the time to introduce 3 new Patreons to our Apoca-Community! Please give a warm hello (or a like) to Robert, McDade and Timothy! Help them feel as welcome as you feel and try to remember what it was like when you first arrived here. Maybe together we'll form a solid community who helps one another and takes care of one another. Hurrah! I have to say, I'm excited to see some new blood in our group because that means we have a fresh pair of eyes on the project. Not only that but it also means more bug catches and feedback as well which I greatly appreciate. After all there is no way in hell that I can possibly check over everything myself now, not with how big the game is getting, so you guys are invaluable. With that said I just wanted to remind you guys (like I say to everyone else) please use your voices and speak up when you have a question or concern, or something you'd like to say in any of the polls, or posts. I encourage it! I should be sending all three of you your thank-you emails tonight, which will contain all your codes and access to the Beta if you haven't gotten it already. And again, thank you so much for being so generous.

Before I finish too, I also wanted to introduce two new followers on the game Stream as well :) Finneyyy and Albatross. I encourage all of you to follow there as well so you get email reminders about the game streams. Again, I don't see why anyone finds there terribly interesting in the first place, but it's not my place to question! I just do the streams which consists of coding/writing, me explaining myself about what I'm doing and why, and sometimes game testing. If you're interested though, check it out!

I think that's all I got for now --- I'm not going to take my usual 2-3 day break after a release and am going to get right back to work tomorrow! Hopefully, we can knock out some major content so I can get to the remasters and other advances in the Whispering Thicket. The Sex Update goes on!