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Feb 17, 2018

Hey hey! News + Thank you!

Hello all! 
I wanted to explain how Streams will work for a while. Since it seemed that a majority of you don't really watch them anyway, I was thinking of cancelling them at first, however there are a small few of you who do enjoy them so I didn't think that would be fair to the minority. 
Instead of cancelling them outright I thought I would reduce the number of times I stream during the weekend for a while. Let's drop it from 3 to 1 and see how that works. The Stream will be Sunday night at 6pm (same time it's always been) and once we pick up more audience, I'll reinstate the previous times :) I hope this is okay! Let me know what you guys think. 
Anyway! I also wanted to take the time to personally thank all of the game's audience and all of my donators. I really appreciate your time and attention. I also hope that you're all looking forward to the coming public release. I've been working hard to complete all the sections that I wanted to finish before the update but there's still so much more to go! I have four choices of masturbation left which is my focus and then I'll get back to Rold and the Laboratory afterward. I'm hoping that with the completion of the masturbation scripts that'll be another system within the game that will be functional and finished (for the time being).
Wish me luck :D!

Feb 12, 2018

New Patrons; Rodney the Reckless, Grave the Gracious, Mark the Municiple, Nexs the Narrator + News + Poll

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to introduce a couple new patrons to our ---- le gasp! We hit 80 patrons! That means the Apoca-Community has been upgraded to Apoca-Town! Welcome to our little Apoca-Town you four! :D I apologize that this message is slightly late. It was hard to judge when to send it since I thought I'd be doing Streams and didn't want the posts too close together. So I apologize about that, especially to Mark who's been patiently waiting since the 8th! With that said, I should be sending out your thank you emails soon which will have all your codes on them and how to use them. So keep an eye out for those. Anyway, I hope you four feel welcomed to our Apoca-Town and I hope you dive right into making friends with everyone. We have a really cool bunch on Discord if you'd like to pop over there too. Here's the link. It's usually the first place I ask questions and propose ideas plus it's a really good way to keep in contact with me and the development if you're interested. I also encourage you four to share your ideas, ask questions, express concerns etc with the development process or about me as a dev in general. Everything about the game is open to be discussed so if your curious use your voice! ^_^ And again, welcome to our Apoca-Town! 
So I mentioned the Streams earlier. Here is the link to the Poll. --- This is basically helping me to gauge whether or not we have enough of an audience on the Streams to justify the time I have to spend doing them. You might think that doing a Stream is basically just recording myself while I'm coding but there's a lot more to it than that. I have to account for distractions from my family, I have to type and explain everything in detail that I'm doing and why throughout the session, constantly switch back and forth between windows so the audience can follow what I'm doing, I have to convert the video, etc. But anyway, if we find that the Streams don't have a huge audience right now, I'll probably pause them for a while until enough people are interested in me doing them again. So we'll see what happens! 
In Other News, there is a lot of cool stuff in the game now! I've added a sex toy (and will be working on those Masturbation Scripts here soon), there a new UI (thank to KV for helping me with the really, really complicated aspects) --- you can see it on Discord, the bathrooms have been reimagined and have been demodernized to help immersion, we have several new Masturbation Categories done, a lot of bug fixes and so on. Wee! 
Welp, that's all I got for the time being. Time to get back to work!