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Aug 20, 2017

New Patrons; Glocknar the Gluttonous, Lewis the Limitless, Kaerea the Knowing, Thor the Thunder God + News!

Hey everyone! 
I just wanted to introduce 4 brand new patrons! Please say hello to; Glocknar, Lewis, Kaerea and Thor! And throw them a like if you have the time to help them feel welcome (and so we can lure them in with a false sense of security, mwahahahaha!) Remember, it's important to recognize those who have generously donated their precious time and hard-earned money to a cause they believe in which is partly why I do this, but it's also to introduce newcomers to all of you and introduce you all to like-minded individuals whom you might become friends with if you decide to extend your hand and get to know them. The other reason I do this is to get everyone directly interacting with me since I think it's important that devs be as open to their community as possible. Why? I dunno, it feels right to me. Plus, you guys are the life-blood of the game. Sure, I'm the writer and the developer but I wouldn't be developing anything worth while if I didn't have a strong support crowd like you backing me up on the endeavor and believing in me and the game. So I whole-heartedly welcome all four of you to our Apoca-Community and I encourage you to share your voices and have fun with this group! Trust me, they can handle it. Anyway, I should be sending out your welcome emails very soon! Keep an eye out for them.
In other news, classes start tomorrow---Ugh! It's my last semester though and I'm not taking traditional classes because I've completed all of those. I'll be student teaching which means my weekly hours are going to be all over the place. Luckily, I have laptop I can take with me in my downtime to work on the game! Hurrah! And since I won't have traditional homework as far as I know, it might give me a lot of time for some extra work on the project. So ...yay for that! Also, instead of taking one to three days off like I normally do after a release, I'm biting the bullet and continuing right on through. I've already done a lot of work on the new Masturbate Command and I think I have a working code for the Rest Command Stick Cost so I'll be trying that out tomorrow and hopefully I'll have the Shelter and Fire descriptions finished by the middle of the week. That'll open me up to work on Pregnancy and Cow-Taur which I hope to have completed (up to birth) by the next Patron Beta release, I also want to get started on some more Day/Night Travel Mini-Events and some more Remasters. Wish me luck! 

Aug 19, 2017

Streaming :)

So I messed around with Live-Streaming a lot today and I owe a special thanks to one of our Patrons "Cogius" for helping me set it all up and walking me through how it works (which I am very grateful for). I'm not 100% confident in the whole process yet but at least we have it working and all the necessary components ready to go.

I had to use Picarto or whatever the hell it's called, here's the link:  --- so on streaming day, this is where you'll go to see the live-stream, it even has a chat and everything ^_^ . Obviously, on the day I stream, I'll send out a general message letting everyone know this is where you can find me as well so don't worry about saving this unless you're one of those people who like being prepared. Because of the limitations of the software as well, I cannot record anything so if you miss the stream, you cannot go back and view it again. I apologize about that. Maybe once I get more used to it and it's something everyone really likes I'll buy the website upgrade which will enable recording and saving.

Pretty cool, huh? But yeah, you guys will be able to watch me write and code for a while sometimes you'll even see me color some pictures. I'm thinking like Saturday's or Sunday's too? Maybe during the week? I'm not sure. If you have any general times that are convenient for ya let me know.

Welp! That's all I got for the time being. Hope you guys are enjoying the update!