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Mar 26, 2017

Delayed Patron Beta: Torso Description (basically) Finished, Character Creation Sketches Have Begun, Whispering Wood (Chapter 2) Opening/Room Description Finished; Adding Interactive Objects.

Hey everyone!

As you've read in the title there won't be a Patron Beta today! This is mostly because of two very slight things that need fixing before I can release it. One of them may be a problem with Quest that will have to be troubleshooted (looking into it) and the other is that I'm not quite done with the Winding Wood room. I'll explain below.

Torso Description (basically) Finished:
This was the troubleshooting problem I mentioned above. Although, I have the Upper Torso descriptions done and rewritten for one mood, but I haven't been able to test it yet, or adjust any of the minor errors to make it look perfect because the processing code in that section is having some very strange errors. It might be a problem with how Quest processes text commands, so I let the community know and they are looking into it. Hopefully, it won't take long to sort out! In the meantime, I can show you guys what I've got in there so far. I think you'll really like it! Anyway, as mentioned the Upper Torso descriptions will now change slightly based on the player’s dominant Mood (vulgar/naughty phrases will only be present in the Sexy and Sarcasm Moods. All Wing types have been added to the description as well: dragon, high-demon(succubus/incubus) and bee-taur. All the Breastsize Descriptions for Males and Females have been remastered with completely changed descriptions. Different fields are also hidden inside these descriptions, for example; player strength can be described as “an average build of muscle, which your small pecks rest upon.” These descriptions vary depending on whether or not you’re Male or Female. Also, like with the Head descriptions, piercings are hidden until you get something pierced. Agility will likely be added in another section as well. Basically, I did my best to incorporate various descriptions into smooth sentences ^_^

Character Creation Sketches Have Begun:
I don't have a ton to say about this, but over Spring Break I'll be working on the conceptual art for the new character viewer windows and then getting started with implementing them. Happy day!

Whispering Wood (Chapter 2) Opening/Room Description Finished; Adding Interactive Objects:
I've finished the opening scene of Chapter 2, which takes place in the Whispering Thicket after your character passes out (from however you ended up at the bottom of the cliff). It takes into account all weather patterns and the time of day as well which changes how the scene unfolds a little.  I also have the basic room description finished too and have begun to add interactive objects to the room to help prepare the player for their journey. I'll also be adding the "Rest" command soon to help transition Night to Morning. There was something else I was going to mention for this room too, but I'm completely blanking on it for some reason. Argh. Hate when that happens.

New Patron Release Date: Let's give it a few days and we'll call it from there, so around 30MAR17. But I'll release the game earlier if I get the above mentioned things fixed before the 30th. Naturally, if things aren't fixed by that point we'll have to extend the delay a little longer, but that is ultimately the worst case scenario.

Finishing the Winding Wood, Character Creator Sketches and Implementation (hopefully), Finishing/Remastering Upper Torso Descriptions, More Cow-Taur, More Random Event Planning, hopefully some Entice scripts as well if I have time!


Mar 21, 2017

Progress Report: Revised Character Descriptions, Poll Results New Character Creator, 3 More Pregnancy Turns

Hey everyone!

It's progress report time! But don't expect too much this time around, the things I've been working on in the game are very large singular scripts so those take time to write and to properly organize. On top of all that, teacher's are really coming down hard with the workload before Spring Break starts so I've been up to my ass in papers and projects. With that said, let's get started on the progress report!

Revised Character Descriptions:
I've begun the rewrite/remaster of the character description and I have to say that I'm liking it a lot, even though it's super involved, a lot more involved than the current; we're talking 2000 words just for the head descriptions alone and basically an endless "if this then this". So far though the player’s “Name” and current “Status” have been rewritten and I’ve completely remastered all the Head, Horn and general Face descriptions, and all current races have been added to that section including: human, elven, dwarven, dragon-descended, halfling, orc-descended, gnome, dark elf, goblin, high-demon, alaraune, demon, cow-taur, dryad, goo, naga, centaur, neko, wolf-taur, dragon, orc, doll and bee-taur. A lot of them even have their own names depending on if your male or female; for example; wolf-taur males are "wolf-sire" and the female version is, "she-wolf" and so on. Cool, huh? Charm Skill descriptions have also been added to the player’s appearance in various places too! At the moment I'm working on the Upper Body. Another cool thing is piercings won't appear until you have them, which should reduce the length in the script. Here is a sample below....

Poll Results New Character Creator:
Not much to say about this, but in a land-slide victory, stats will be shown in the new Character Creator whenever it's implemented. Although, Ver Greeneyes made a suggestion about giving the player the option to hide the stats ---- which I have to admit I didn't think of. I'm not even sure it can be done. But if it can be, I'll probably go that route ^_^ Player choices are always better in my opinion.

3 More Pregnancy Turns:
I already talked a lot about this in the last progress report but 3 more turns have officially been added to the game, although they are later turns---Turns 980, Turn 985, and Turn 995. The scripts also change whether or not you've given birth before, and play off one another. They also include lactation, and baby kicking. Altogether they turned out to be about 15k words! Whew! But hopefully you won't get the same message when pregnant very often, which is why I wanted to do it like that in the first place so it'll be different every time.

Possible delay again but we'll see. More Character Description v1.0 remastering, Entice Scripts, More Cow-Taur, New Area Descriptions, More Random Event Planning, hopefully Music in the Title Screen and hopefully new Character Creator v1.5. Keep an eye out! :D