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Apr 20, 2018

100 Patrons! + New Patrons + News!

Hey everyone!

So before getting into anything, I wanted to introduce a couple new patrons that have joined our growing Apoca-Ville! Please give a very, very warm welcome to Kenneth the Keeper, Carter the Caring, Whod99 the Whiz-Kid, Shuuu the Shoemaker (heh!) and Isaiah the Intelligent! Man, I was super original with that shoemaker one haha but in my defense that's the first thing I thought of and it's been an incredibly long day xD! Anyway! I just wanted to let you five know that my door is always open for you---in terms of the game's development process, questions about future thingers and even if you'd just like to talk and vent about your life, I'm there for ya. Aside from being a game-developer I'm also a human being (verdict is still out) so I actually care about what's going on in all of your lives. ^_^ Ask anyone who has been a patron with me for a while and they will back that up entirely. But yeah, I encourage you to share your voice and get involved with the game's development because the more ideas that are given and expressed, the better the game will become! As for your personalized thank you emails, I just finished typing them up last night so I'll be sending those off very soon! I apologize that some of you had to wait for them! Um...I think that's about it---Oh! Discord. Please join us there for access to talking with me 24/7 or with some of the other nut jo......I mean exceptionally unique individuals whom share your taste for the absurd. :3 Here's a link for it! 

Which brings us to...100 patrons! WEEE! That's super, duper exciting for me cause I never thought that many people would ever be interested in supporting the game like this, especially when I first started off! Wow! You guys are absolutely incredible and I am so thankful for your support! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope to continue building this game to meet all of your expectations! :D I'm also so excited to have met so many awesome people during the development. I can honestly say that you guys really do give me the drive to continue pushing everything forward. My family appreciates you too!

In Other News! What a week and a half this has been! Ugh! First I was super sick (still recovering) and I've also been working at a bunch of different schools subbing (since the game doesn't pay all the bills yet) ^_^ On top of that, there are a lot of important events coming up that have been forcing my attention away from development; i.e my upcoming graduation with my spouse which is coming a lot faster than I even realized. But! I have been working on the game with all the free-time that I can spare but honestly we lost about a week of work because of all the crap that piled up. Hopefully, I can make that up over the next few days so I can finish the male responses of Rold and get started on the second sex scene with him via the dominant side. The goblin transformation potion remaster is also completely finished for both males and females so that's another fully completed and up-to-date transformation in the game! Weee! I still plan on having the Tallification Potion remaster finished by the next public release as well and hopefully Rold, the Laboratory and having some of the Experimentation Cells remastered and then we'll get Aaleahya in there, some unique interactions with her, and then finishing up Chapter 1!

That's it for now!


Apr 13, 2018

New Patrons + News!

Herro everyone!

I would like to introduce some brand new patrons to our Apoca-Ville! Please give a very warm welcome to Basil the Badass, James the Judge, Cody the Caretaker, Schizoid the Schooler, Zemexican the Zealous, Magetsu the Majestic, Jacob the Justice and Brian the Brave. :D I hope all of you find this community to be supportive, helpful and friendly and I hope all of you find your role to settle into. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or critiques please reach out to me in anyway that is comfortable for you as well and I will respond to you as soon as possible. You all can join us on the Discord server too and talk to me 24/7! Here's the link (it'll never expire) With that said, all of you should be receiving a personalized thank you email here soon. I would have sent them a little earlier but for the last two days I was pretty sick (out of nowhere I might add) so I was sleeping a lot and getting a lot of rest @_@ . But anyway, again, thank you so much for your very generous donations and your belief in the game, it is very much appreciated on my end and I hope I never let any of you down. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

In Other News, I took my usual 3 days off after the release to collect my thoughts (the spouse actually made me but I was still secretly worked on things here and there, hehe) and feel quite refreshed and ready to continue the adventure! ANNNNND then, two days later this stupid cold thing hit me and pretty much knocked me on my ass. Yesterday, I slept from 2pm to 7pm (after going to bed at 9pm the night before) and then I went back to bed at 9pm and woke up at 9am today. Ugh! But before it hit me, I was knee deep in the goblin transformation potion remaster. This is what I have so far, taken straight from the ChangeLog. This is a skeleton of all the possible variables that can be triggered in addition to actual transformations.

Began the Remaster of the Goblin Transformation, i.e the Goblin Cream item. There probably isn’t a whole lot to do with this item but I’m going to try to make it more descriptive and interesting 😊 The main description has been remastered and changes based on what your Dominant Mood is Sexy/Sarcasm, Sympathy/Serious. With every dose of Goblin Skin Cream that you take a couple of different stat gains can happen along with the transformations, see chart below:  
Both Genders: You have a 25% chance of a +1 Corruption Gain or -1 Corruption Loss with a 50% chance for either to happen. This also has a Corruption Variable which changes the script based on how high your Corruption is. You might be wondering, why both? Well, it’s because there are Goblins in the game’s world who have completely succumbed to their instincts causing them to commit horrible acts like rape and murder to get their sexual fix. But there are other Goblins and even Demi-Goblins (like Rold and Hannah) who mostly have themselves under control and can actually be very good “people” so that’s why there is both. You also have a 20% chance to gain +1 toward your Sexy Mood and a 20% chance to gain +1 toward your Sarcasm Mood. Depending on your Dominant Mood, you have a 16% chance to become Horny instantly or if you already are you’ll gain +10 Lust. You have a 14% chance to gain +1 Lust, a 12% chance to gain +1 Maximum Health while losing -2 Intelligence.  
Female Specific: You have an 11% chance to gain +2 Agility while losing +2 Strength. You have a 10% chance to make yourself more Fertile too. 
 Male Specific: You have an 11% chance to gain +2 Strength while losing -2 Agility. You have a 10% chance to gain a bigger Penis Size too. These will happen regardless of Resist.

I've also been working on cleaning up the interface a little more; like removing the boxes from around the different categories like Surroundings, Inventory, and removing the Status and putting the player's Health, Corruption and Gold along the top bar to free up more space.

I've also continued the hunt for a background artist and an NPC artist. My idea is that you'll only see pictures of either when you look more closer at something. For example, when you first enter a room and all the description happens, you won't see the pictures. It's only when you "look" again that an image will pop up, just like what happens when you look at a character.

Anyway, lots of little things like that floating around in my head. That's all I got for now!