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Jul 18, 2018

AMS v0.97C (PTB-MidPoint) + New Patrons

See the link HERE for the AMS v0.97C (PTB Mid-Point) Change-log ^_^ and HERE for the update.


Jul 12, 2018

New Patrons + News + Aaleahya Pictures!

Hola amigos!

It's great to be here this morning and we've got a great show for you today. But let's not dilly-dally! It's time to greet some of the game's newest patrons to our oh-so-lovely Apocaville, the only town in the world that is gives free ice-cream with your aftanewn mail! So without further adieu please give a big round of applause to Ralsin, Arituk, JustSomeTroll, Joli, Samir, Andy, Hubrow, Sylvia, Chris and Sage! *cue applause* Hah, sorry wanted to try something a little different so I went the game-show route xP Anyway! I'm pleased to meet each and everyone of you and I hope that you're having a wonderful day so far. Let me also take the time to thank you so much for your very generous donations to the game. My family and I greatly appreciate them. Not only does it make my quality of life better but your generosity also works to improve the game as well such as adding art and music *coughandhelpingtopayrentcough*. ^_^ All of you will be receiving personalized emails which I just finished typing up about fifteen minutes ago. They contain your donator codes and how to use them as well as everything you're eligible for at the moment.

As some of you already know I'm trying to make the development of Apocamorphosis as open as possible, meaning I'm trying to be transparent with everything going on as it happens and I'm letting you guys in on all the details so far meaning you know them as soon as I know them. I dunno, I think that is extremely important---that and maintaining relationships with all of you. So please take advantage of this. If you have a question, concern, statement to make, positive/negative feedback, suggestions---shoot them my way so that I can address it and/or possibly add it to the game to improve it's development. The more I know from you, the better the game can become. Just a thought. That's all I got about that for the time being.

Oh, I think it's important to mention that a lot of the game's patrons are all over the place for at the moment. We have two that are on vacation right now overseas, so please send them your positive thoughts and energy for a safe return home. We also have a couple who are struggling with some home-life issues or financial instability so again, send them some good vibes and let's help them pull through this difficult period of their lives. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

In Other on the game continues! I've fixed a mega-crapton of errors that were discovered in some of the Patron Donator Items and through-out the game as well. I've switched all the donator items over to functions which means they will work faster and smoother (and I can work on them without them crashing Quest because of how large they are). I've also been working on the bad alaraune and finally have her sex scenes for males and females written. They take several variables into account, just like Rold which makes the scenes pretty complex and will likely change in small ways each time you play through them. Some of the variables include: penis size, breast size, lust, horny, height, resist, dominant mood, gender obviously and a couple of others just to name a few. Work on the bad alaraune is also taking a liiiiiiiittle longer than I expected too mostly because I didn't want to half-ass it. I want each interaction with the different NPCs to be unique so some of them might take a little longer and others will go slightly quicker. The bad alaraune, for example has choices and is mostly dominant over the character, but the good alaraune will be submissive. So I wanted there to be unique interactions for each character and for you to both learn a little about them and about Rold too. It'll be really cool I think!

I'm also about to write the alaraune transformation scenes for both males and females and hopefully that will make it into the game by the PTB midpoint. I don't anticipate the NPCs taking longer than the full PTB but I've miscalculated work loads before so don't quote me on that! :P I'm also hoping to get some Entice finished before the midpoint as well. Here is a sample of her sex scene: : "You watch as her plump lips slowly slide down the length of your rock hard cock almost completely engulfing your 6in/.15m shaft in her slightly bulging throat. As she nearly reaches the base however, she stops and sensually pulls her head back along it's enormous girth, tongue cradling the sensitive underside and applying plenty of pressure along the way to course out more precum. Once her lips are free of your burden, she gives it several satisfied pecks. In the meantime, she firmly masturbates you with the glistening gold nectar left behind; her beautiful pink eyes gazing up at you from behind a veil of dark lashes, her thick locks of hair playfully tossed to one side, lips partially separated." That's all I got on things I've been working on.

So here's Aaleahya, the Candle Girl!

There's also a Sexy/Sarcasm version too!

I've been speaking with the game's new artist as well and we're going to try to mix up the angles a little bit, a different pose for each character from here on out; like behind shots, kneeling shots etc.

Let me know what all of you think! :D