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Mar 16, 2018

AMS v0.96A (PTB) Update, New Patrons

Hey all!

Sorry about the late release of the game! I apologize to those who stayed up and waited but hopefully you'll find a lot of great things in the update. Keep in mind this isn't a quantity update but rather a quality one. In short this means although it doesn't look like a lot of content was added, what was added were huge advances in at least 2-3 fields of the game. Anyway! You can check those out in the change-log and as always if you have any questions about anything that was added, please lemme know! :D Also, I apologize that there was no Stream on Sunday but I was busy slogging through taxes all day long and I was utterly spent by the time 6pm rolled around. I think I even went to be early that night which is very rare for me.

Oh and before I forget, I also hope all of you enjoy the new format of the blog. It took a good while for me to get the way I wanted it but I think it was worth it---easier to follow layout, easier color to read against the black (and at night which was concerning me), less cluttered information etc. So without further adieu let me introduce our new patrons and then we can get to the release.

Let's give a very warm welcome to the ever-patient C0nevs the Charismatic and Yuki the Yoddler (I get so few chances to use Y descriptions, so thanks for that. I'm not sure why Yoddler was the first thing to pop into my head but I'm a weird person and I'll admit it)! Anyway, I encourage both of you to share your opinions and voices about the game (and other avenues of expression) as much as you want whether it's harsh criticism, questions, concerns, compliments -- etc because I want to encourage you to be as involved with the development as possible. There are no secrets here, what you see is 100% what you get and I pride myself in that so really, feel free to be open and honest with me and I will repay the respect. I also, wanted to let you know to keep an eye out for your personalized thank you emails. I've actually had C0nevs' finished for about three days now but I wanted to wait until I was able to introduce him/her in this post. So welcome, welcome welcome! Both of you are amazing for helping to support the development of the game and I'm thankful to have another pair of eyes hunting down bugs and throwing out ideas.

Now then! 

v0.96A (PTB)
Bug Fixes 
- Fixed Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'StringListItem(sublist, 1)': StringListItem: index 1 is out of range for this list (1 items, last index is 0)

- Fixed Load error: Cannot convert "False" to an integer for

- Fixed Error running script: Error evaluating expression '"Load error: Cannot convert \"" + val + "\" to an integer for " + StringListItem(game.saveloadatts, pos)': StringListItem: index 53 is out of range for this list (51 items, last index is 50)

-Fixed Triplets during Pregnancy not accurately adding to how many children you’ve given birth to (like you were missing one child). Thanks again for the catch Elseone! Apparently, I just missed a place where I was supposed to add the line of code for a child integer! Ewps.

- Fixed that on Regular Difficulty the Player was still losing -3 Maximum Health once their normal Health was depleted. They should have been losing only -2. This should make progressing in the world a tad easier 

- Fixed “I was not expecting a” which is more of a “space” or “enter space” sliding in there when you are copy/pasting your Save into the Load space. Thanks KV

- Fixed some minor spelling errors here and there though-out the text that I spotted while bug hunting. ^_^

- Fixed a big fat expression error with the new light source being taken into account for rooms where it wasn’t previously taken into account. Thanks KV!

- Fixed an error where the Rickety Machete thought it was the Sword of Demonslaying! Thanks Lupus! Let me know if you guys spot anymore weird inconsistencies.

- Fixed a couple of errors in the Cursed Satin Outfit transformation curse, including; spellings, grammar and a line of code or two. 

 - The Cursed Black Satin Maid Outfit’s main description has been remastered and so has the wear description which now includes all the races. Subsequently, this means that the Uncursed Satin Maid Outift’s main description and wear descriptions have been remastered as well. I’ve also reworked/remastered all of the Outfit’s Transformation messages/sequences. They include more information and take in account other race changes that you might be while undergoing the transformations (including Horns and Tail). ((I figured wings were okay since some dolls have those)). I also shortened the length of the transformation duration as well as some of the scripts were combined together into larger sequences. Let me know if any of the scripts seem weirdly placed or wonky. I don’t have the time to test every facet of it. It’s now 430 turns total (I gave an extra 30 making it a total of 60 turns between the last turn and the final turn so that the player has a little bit of extra time to accumulate some Intelligence or Resist if needed or wanted) down from 475. As for the ending, two different things can happen in the Game Over scenario; one is you shrink down and become an actual doll and the other keeps your body the same size but like the original ending you have no willpower or control of your own and wait for someone to come along to give you purpose. Hope you guys like the rewrites! Remember you can only get the Game Over scenario if your Intelligence is less than or equal to 1 and even then it’s only a 75% chance. You have a 25% chance in this scenario to survive and continue your adventure.

- I’ve decreased the chance that the Idly Flirt/Chat options with NPCs will give you Relationship Points as they are supposed to be difficult to gain Relationship Points from! The bulk of Points are supposed to come from Conversation Topics. Basically I just flipped the percentages 33% to 25% for gaining points and 25% to 33% for losing points for Rold and 65% to 40% for gaining points and 15% to 30% for losing points with Hannah. 

- I’ve added a new category to the Masturbation Scripts: Secondary. They are listed below: INITIAL: (all of these give you +1 Lust and if you are Horny an extra + 1 Lust) Stand, Kneel, Prop Yourself Up, All Fours, On Your Back SECONDARY: (these potentially give +1 Lust based on a percentage. If you’re Horny it’s an automatic extra +1 Lust added). Stimulate Yourself (75%), Stimulate Your Ass (50%), Let Your Mind Wander (50%), Imagine Being Dominated (75%), Imagine Dominating Someone (75%), Use A Toy (75%), Stimulate Your Nipples (75%), Play With Your Boobs (if they are C-Cups or bigger). (75%). All categories (including Orgasm) have been added and have 2-3 randomized text descriptions for both Males and Females. Some depend on Horniness, some depend on Orientation, Race, Gender, whether or not you’re Lactating or have Given Birth and several other variables as well. This concludes the Masturbation System (for the time being). Yay! Another completed system!

- Added an extra Breast Size increase to the Maternal Pregnancy Script at 4-months since it skips over two of them in the 2-month mark. Thanks for the catch Anonymous! You have a 50% chance for it to Proc! 

 - Added SodiumAcetate to the Help Guide Thank You Page! :D

- I completely redesigned the Blog from top to bottom. Hopefully you’ll all find it easier to navigate and easier to read with the darker fonts! 

 - Fixed when searching the closet in the guest bedroom and coming across this situation: “search Dress Shoes” the dialogue mentions, “After diligently searching through the pairs of shoes row by row, you unfortunately don’t come across any that’ll actually fit you. What a disappointing search and a gigantic waste of time. What really makes you mad is the fact that all of them seem to be made for Halflings or something. It’s a complete letdown.” --- which happened even when you are a Halfling! So this has been modified. If you’re a halfling/goblin or you’re super short and you search the shoes now you’ll randomly find a pair of shoes ^_^ Thanks for the catch Elseone! PS – I also tweaked some of the scripts language/description as well.

- Fixed when you come to the steps that go down into the lab, you’re told they are perilously dark. But when the player has their lantern on the game doesn’t take this into account. It now does! Thanks again for the catch Elseone! This also opens the door for other ambient effects dealing with Aaleahya and the Lantern. Thanks everyone at Quest 😊

- Fixed the Test Swings and Cut Hair/Cut Nails of all the current weapons that support that feature. They now accurately display the right messages regarding what weapon you are using. Thanks for the catch Lupus!

- I’ve added a Max message remidner to the Stat Screen/NPC Relationships area and the same message to NPC descriptions to let you know when you’ve max out your friendship with said characters. These messages will only display if the said NPCs are alive in either case. Can’t have Max Friendship Points with people you’ve killed!

- You can now manipulate the Font Size of the different UI windows; Surroundings, Inventory and Status. Just open the Help Guide, pick the Font Size category, enter the Font Size you’d like the game to be, 11 for default and then you’ll be prompted about whether or not you want to change the Pane Font Size. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine diddly-do!

- The Read Me File now says which game it’s coming from because some people were getting confused! Haha!

- I’ve begun working on the last segment of Choice 2 Question Him Serious Mood scenario of Rold’s Initial Conversation. The two choices within this scenario will be added next.

NEXT UPDATE: 06APR18 (April 16th 2018). 

Finishing up the Question Him scenario with Rold's initial conversation (which is practically done already) and then starting on Flirt scenario (which is the final part of his conversation that will include the game's first official sex scenes). Once those are done, that will finish up Rold and the Laboratory's main area. Afterward, starting on the Experimentation Cells area of the Laboratory and working on some interactions you can have there (including conversations and quickies) and hopefully getting to Aaleahya too, your first potential official companion who can assist you in combat and add her own twists to the plot. Maybe another transformation item before the Public update but we'll see. I'd rather focus on Rold for the second half of this release so I can finish him up.


You can find the PTB HERE

Mar 11, 2018

New Patrons + News!

((Oops! I forgot to post the Patreon message here too! Sorry about that!)) 

Hey all!

So I just wanted to take the time to introduce two new patrons; Null the Naughty and Trevor the Tank! Please give them a warm welcome to our Apoca-Ville and stop in to say hello or throw them a like if you have the time! I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your generosity and overall compassion toward the game. It's great to have people believing in this project and I hope I never let down those expectations! You guys enable me to keep pushing forward and for that I am extremely grateful! :D With that said, I always like to welcome new faces to the game and encourage you both to take an active role in it's development either by sharing your opinion, concerns, ideas or just your overall enthusiasm---or hell, just giving an honest critique if you want! I also want to invite you to join us in Discord, then you'll be able to talk to me anytime, 24/7. Plus, we have a pretty amusing community there that I think you'll enjoy. Remember, this isn't mandatory and the invitation is foravor. Also, I should be sending out your personalized thank you emails soon which will have all your codes and how to use them! So welcome to our community! Please make yourselves at home.

In Other News, the Masturbation System is completely finished for a long while. It turned out to be around 50,000 words or so and there's room to add things as the game progresses. So that's another huge to-do off my list. I'm also making some great head-way on the remaster of the Cursed Maid Outfit and then Rold and the Laboratory are the next focus. I really would like all three of these done by the PTB but we'll see what miracles I can pull out of my butt because that is A LOT of writing. Also, now you can change the size of the inventory font (in the Help Guide) which was another thing that I previously thought near-impossible to do! Hurrah!

Anyway, that's all I got for the time being! :D Gotta keep chuggin' along!